Citizen Request System

Submit a Request!

To request service in the Glastonbury community, (e.g. broken swing, pothole, etc.) please visit our Citizen Request System.

What is a Citizen Request Management System (CRM)?

The CRM system is a platform for Glastonbury residents and businesses to use for requesting actionable service from the Town.  Requests can be submitted directly through our website, or by calling a Town employee as you have in the past, and all requests will be directly routed to the appropriate party for follow up.  By using this web-based platform, you'll now have the ability to track your request as we work to address it, and we can utilize the system's software management tools to expedite your requests more efficiently.

What types of requests can I submit through this system?

The Citizen Request System is designed to manage service-based requests where you are seeking actionable follow up from the Town. Examples include:

  • Broken/Damaged Equipment: Park swing, signs, lighting, etc.
  • Maintenance Needs: Landscaping, custodial supplies, cleaning and/or repairs on Town-owned property
  • IT Support: Connectivity issues on Town-owned computers, website errors, etc.
  • Street/Road Issues: Potholes, faulty traffic light, street sweeping, etc.

What types of requests can NOT be submitted?

  • Emergencies and/or safety hazards: These scenarios require immediate action and the appropriate Public Safety authorities should be notified directly.
  • General Inquiries/Questions for forms, applications or information pertaining to Town processes. General questions and common forms can usually be found on the respective Department web pages or in the Frequently Asked Questions section of the website.  For information about policies, processes or applying for licenses, permits, inspections and other related services, we recommend contacting the appropriate Town representative directly so he/she can work to assist with your unique needs.

How do I use it?

To submit a request online, visit  This will bring you to an online form where you will be prompted to enter your contact information and indicate how you would like to be notified once we begin addressing your request.  The screens that follow will ask where the issue is located, what type of service you're requesting and more detailed information about the request. Once you select the type of request you're submitting, a grey box will appear on the screen asking you for specific information regarding your submission and/or offering contact information for a Town representative, Department or 3rd party where appropriate. These prompts are designed to gather the necessary information to address your request as efficiently as possible.  We're confident this will further enhance our ability to serve you and the community.