GIS, Mapping, and Property Information

For information on physical locations in Glastonbury, including Mapping, Assessment Field Cards, Land Records, Utilities, and Address Lists, please use Town GIS, Map Library, and Land Records Database links below.  Please note, there are different versions of the GIS program to accommodate various devices and web browsers. Please make your selection based on the type of device and web browser you are using, and whether or not it supports the Microsoft Silverlight plugin.

Tablet/Smart Phone and Desktop Use (NO support for Microsoft Silverlight plugin

If you are using a tablet, smart phone, or desktop browser that does NOT support the Microsoft Silverlight plugin, please visit the HTML5 version of the GIS Maps (HTML5) program. (Please allow pop-ups for this site and note that different devices have varying levels of functionality.)

Internet Explorer (IE) and Browsers that DO Support the Microsoft Silverlight Plugin

To access the GIS program with full functionality for interactively creating maps and accessing Assessment Field Cards and other mapping tools, please visit the GIS Maps Silverlight Program versionThis version of the site only works with IE and other browsers that support the Microsoft Silverlight plugin. (Please allow pop-ups for this site).  If this site does not load in your browser, use the HTML5 version using the link above.

Map Library

View the Glastonbury library of various Town Maps, available in PDF Format.  Please note, some of these files are very large and may take a while to download depending on your internet connection.

Town Clerk Records

The Town Clerks Land Records Index system will allow you to look up indexes of specific records for property such as Deeds, Mortgages, Lien Releases, Assignments etc. View the Town Clerk Land Records Database.