Special Metered Accounts

The following guidelines are intended to provide basic information regarding the use and/or installation of special meters for sewer use billing. They are intended as a guide only.

For information concerning your specific requirements, please contact the Sanitation/Water Pollution Control Division at 860-652-7772.

What is the purpose of a special meter?

A special, or additional meter, should provide a cost savings to you, the customer. There are many variations to its use based on the specific needs of the individual.

Well water system users: Used to record actual water utilized. Sewer use charges would be based on actual consumption rather than calculated on the average public water service customers usage which averages 140 ccf’s (1 ccf = 748 gallons). The average well user bill for 2018 is 140 ccfs X $3.05 = $427.00.

Public water service users (Metropolitan District Commission (MDC) or Manchester Water Department: Can be used to record water not discharged into the sewer system; i.e. pools, irrigation systems, etc. This amount can then be deducted from the gross amount of water supplied to you by your water service provider.

Municipal Water Provider Gross Consumption: 250 ccfs
Special meter (deducting for non-sewer use): 50 ccfs
Adjusted total ccfs: 200 ccfs

Note: A Surcharge for processing special metered bills will be added, as outlined below. There are also additional variations to these basic systems.

Who pays for the meter?

Purchase, installation and maintenance of these meters is the responsibility of the property owner. The Town does not provide these services. Costs are determined by your specific installation.

Are there additional charges if I have a meter installed?

Special meters are intended to provide accurate records of consumption to provide more equitable billing. To provide this service, additional staff time is required to calculate and generate these bills. Each year, during review and adoption of sewer use rates by the Water Pollution Control Authority (WPCA), a surcharge is adopted for these accounts. The surcharge has ranged between $15.00 and $25.00 per year and is reviewed and adjusted annually. It is calculated as part of the sewer use bill.

When the meter is installed, who should be notified and when?

The Water Pollution Control Division should be notified as soon as possible after the meter is installed so that it can be properly and accurately entered into our system. It is the property owner's responsibility to notify our office. Do not rely on the installer since you are responsible for the Sewer Use bill payment.

Local ordinances require building inspections by the Building Department in addition to notifying your public water supply provider to comply with Public Health Code requirements regarding cross connections and back flow prevention.

Are there specifications for the meters?

Yes. Meters should read in hundred cubic feet (ccf). They must be installed inside the property in an easily accessible area for easy reading . Remember, if they cannot be easily read, there is the potential for incorrect readings resulting in errors on your bill.

How do I know if I should put a meter in?

Decision of putting a meter in is based on your consumption and other uses. Consideration should be given to capital costs; maintenance; and annual surcharges levied on these special meters.

The Town will not direct you to put a meter in only suggest it based on the homeowner's special circumstances. The decision rests solely with the property owner.

Can adjustments be made if I do not have a special meter?

Considerations for adjustments may be made upon submitting substantiating evidence within twenty-one (21) days after receiving your annual Sewer Use Bill in November. These adjustments are reviewed by the WPCA. Should an adjustment be allowed, it is normally a (1) time allowance unless a special meter is installed which would accurately record non-sewered usage.