General Environmental Information

Our waste water facility utilizes a biological treatment process, therefore any chemicals discharged through our sanitary sewer system may pass through the plant processes untreated, but also can potentially inhibit or kill the micro organisms we rely on for proper treatment. Industries may not be the only source of toxic chemicals, please be cognizant of what you dispose of in your sanitary sewers.

Please do not dump anything into our storm sewers. These sewers are not connected to our Water Pollution Control Facility, therefore, no treatment occurs with whatever is dumped into these drains. They drain directly into our brooks, streams, and rivers. They are specifically designed to handle rainwater only. If you observe any suspicious activity you should contact the Glastonbury Police Department directly at (860) 633-8301.

The following provides some guidance of common items that should NOT be flushed or put down the drain:

Personal Care Products
Baby Wipes                                    Cotton Balls & Swabs
Bandages & Wrappers                      Razor Blades
Feminine Hygiene Products            Tooth Brushes
Dental Floss                                       Paper Towels
Diapers                                              Contact Lenses
Condoms                                        Floor Cleaning Wipes

Syringes & Needles

Grease / Kitchen Fat
Shop Towels
Household Hazardous Waste - e.g. paints, anti-freeze, hazardous cleaning chemicals, gasoline, paint thinners, pesticides.