Daniel Pennington P.E. 
Town Engineer / Manager of Physical Services 

Charles Mahan 
Physical Services Operations Manager

Tina Machnich
Administrative Secretary

Phone: 860-652-7760

About the Fleet Maintenance Division

The Fleet Maintenance Division is one of three divisions of the Department of Physical Services under the direction of the Town Engineer / Manager of Physical Services. This division is responsible for providing all routine preventive maintenance and repair work on the Town’s fleet of over 300 pieces. This includes a wide variety of vehicles ranging from general purpose cars and police cruisers to school buses, fire apparatus, heavy trucks, and construction equipment.

Our Services

The principal programs, services and activities offered by this division are:

  • Provide all routine, unplanned, and mandated maintenance on the Board of Education school bus fleet.
  • Provide detailed specifications for new vehicle and equipment purchases by the Physical Services Department as well as other Town departments.
  • Administer a computerized fleet management and cost-tracking system.
  • Maintain environmental compliance for the garage facility and fluid handling processes.
  • Provide technical guidance to other Town departments relative to vehicle-related decisions and purchases.
  • Ensure compliance with State of Connecticut vehicle emission program.
  • Install all emergency equipment in new police cruisers providing a state-of-the-art police vehicle.

Goals for 2008/2009 Fiscal Year

  • Coordinate installation of compressed natural gas filling equipment at the Riverfront Community Center. Coordinate purchase of CNG vehicles and obtain training necessary to properly maintain said vehicles.
  • Electronically distribute monthly reports to user departments, reducing preparation/delivery time and paper usage.
  • Evaluate the out-sourcing of preventive maintenance and specialty maintenance on various types of vehicles due to the high usage of certain vehicles and the limited size of the Town’s repair facility. Evaluation to include cost, vehicle downtime, and quality of work. Report to be issued to the Town Manager.
  • Install back-up cameras in 15% of heavy construction and senior transport vehicles.
  • Implement use of synthetic oils in entire fleet, reducing consumption of traditional oils and increasing vehicular fuel efficiency by as much as 2%.
  • Coordinate purchase, installation and ongoing monitoring of GPS-based vehicular location devices.


                                                2380 New London Turnpike
                                                Glastonbury, CT 06033