Legal Notices

Per the Governor’s Executive Order No. 7I Sec. 19.c. during the coronavirus pandemic, the requirement to advertise legal notices in the newspaper has been suspended and in lieu of advertising, Town Clerk's offices are permitted to post electronically on the municipality’s website. This web page has been set up to post all legal notices that would typically be posted in the local newspaper. (The Glastonbury Citizen has temporarily stopped publishing during the COVID-19 pandemic.)

Please see all Town of Glastonbury legal notices below, which will be posted in reverse chronological order with the most recent at the top. If you have any questions regarding these notices, please click here to find contact information for the Town staff liaison for each Board/Commission

Legal Notices (posted in reverse chronological order with most recent listed at top)

Legal Notice - TPZ Action (June 2, 2020)

Legal Notice - Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Agency - Approval for drainage and sidewalks

Legal Notice - ZBA Meeting - 6-1-2020

Legal Notice - Appointment of Additional Members to Board of Assessment Appeals - PH -06-09-2020

Legal Notice - Conservation Commission - June 4

Legal Notice - Building Zone Regulations - Bldg Heights - PH 06-09-20

Legal Notice - Neighborhood Assistance Act Program - PH 06-09-20

Legal Notice - Sidewalk Construction - Main St-Rte 17 - PH 06-09-20

Legal Notice - Notice of Action - Bldg Heights, TV, Reserve for Land Acq-Pres. - PH 05-26-20

Legal Notice - PH Notice and Assessment - 467 Addison Road

Legal Notice - Democratic Notice for endorsed candidates

Legal Notice - Republican Notice for endorsed candidates

Legal Notice - Board of Ed and Glastonbury Education Association

Legal Notice - TPZ Virtual Public Hearing - June 2, 2020

Legal Notice - ZBA agenda - 06-01-2020 - REVISED and re-posted 5/22

Legal Notice - Public Hearing for the $150,000 Appropriation & Transfer - Public Access TV Equipment - 05-26-2020

Legal Notice - Public Hearing for the Town Code Article XVI - Reserve for Land Acquisition and Preservation - PH 05-26-2020

Legal Notice - Building Zone Regulations - Building Heights - 05-26-2020

Legal Notice - Town Council Approved $50,000 Appropriation and Transfer to Capital Projects - Public Water Service

Legal Notice -TPZ Action at May 5th Meeting

Legal Notice - Demolition of properties known as 267, 273 and 279 Williams Street East 

Public Hearing - May 12th - Council to consider a $50,000 appropriation and transfer from the Capital Reserve-Unassigned Fund Balance to Capital Projects-Public Water Service

Legal Notice - Public Hearing on May 5, 2020 Re: Application of The Rockfall Company LLC for a Section 6.11 Accessory Apartment Special Permit – 636 Chestnut Hill Rd.

Notice of Intent to Demolish - 23 Thompson Street 

Notice of Intent to Demolish Property Known as 180 Main Street

Certified Lists of Democratic Party Delegates to Conventions

Certified Lists of Republican Party Delegates to Conventions


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