Revenue Collection Enforcement

Real Estate Taxes

Liens are filed each March on all accounts having outstanding taxes. Liens remain in effect until all taxes, interest and fees are paid in full.

Liens are subject to foreclosure, tax sale and sale/assignment to a third party for collection.

Personal Property (Business) Tax

Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) liens are filed with the Secretary of State against personal property (business) on which there are outstanding taxes.

State Marshals are used to enforce collections.

Health permits will not be renewed to any business with outstanding taxes.

Motor Vehicle Taxes

Per state statue, delinquent motor vehicle taxes are reported to the DMV, which will deny registration renewal on all vehicles in your name until all taxes, interest and fees are paid in full. For an immediate clearance payment must be in cash, money order, cashier's check or online using a credit card.

Delinquent motor vehicles accounts are referred to a collection agency.

Sewer Use & Assessment

Sewer Use liens are filed each March on all accounts with outstanding balances.

Sewer Assessment liens are filed when an account is set up to pay yearly in installments.

Liens are enforced in the same manner as real estate.


Note: If you are having trouble paying your bills please see the General Information page for more information.