Frequently Asked Questions

What if I moved recently?

Your voter registration should always reflect your current home address.  If you have moved since the last election, update your voter registration information to reflect the new address.  Click here for the Online application.

  • When you move into Glastonbury from another state or a different town within Connecticut, you become a new voter in Glastonbury and need to enroll as a new registrant in Glastonbury.
  • When you move within Glastonbury, updating your address will ensure that you cast your ballot at the correct polling location

What if I'm a Student?

If you're a college student living away from home, you may choose to vote in 1 of 2 ways: 

  1. Complete an Absentee Ballot Application to obtain a ballot for the election in your home town
  2. Register to vote in your college town (as long as the State in which in you are attending school allows it)