Public Works is a common name for a department within municipal government, although the actual services varies somewhat from one town to the next. The Town of Glastonbury has several Departments that comprise what traditionally might be included in a Public Works Department.  Please refer to the following table to find the department you are interested in and click on the department name.

Department Name Services Provided
Engineering Responsible for the review of proposed developments and engineering design of town projects, support and maintenance of town sidewalks and storm drainage, and inspection of traffic controls, drainage systems, and road conditions.
Facilities Responsible for the management, maintenance, and construction of all municipal buildings.
Parks & Recreation Responsible for organization and administration of Town-sponsored recreational activities and facilities. The division is also responsible for the care and maintenance of all Town Parks, open space, municipal grounds, athletic fields, school grounds, street trees, and cemeteries
Refuse Disposal Operates the Transfer Station, Bulky Waste Facility, Recycling Facilities, and Household Hazardous Waste Facility.
Sanitation Provides continuous, efficient collection and treatment of wastewater, generated within the Town Sanitary Sewer system.
Streets Responsible for maintenance, repair, and construction of the Town's infrastructure system of roads and highways
Vehicle Maintenance Repairs and maintains all Town vehicles.