Traffic Unit

The police department recognizes that speeding vehicles in residential neighborhoods creates a serious quality of life issue. During our speed enforcement activities, we also realize that the majority of the people who speed on residential streets live in the neighborhood. It is our goal to form a partnership with residents to encourage voluntary compliance with posted speed limits.

To Report Speeding Vehicles:

If you would like to make a complaint about speeding vehicles on your street, you can call the traffic sergeant at
(860) 652-4254 or send an e-mail to:  Your complaint will be logged and an officer will be in touch with you to get specifics about your concern.


The traffic unit is responsible for planning, analyzing, and coordinating the Department's traffic activities. The Traffic Sergeant supervises the officers assigned to the traffic division and works closely with the Town Engineering Department to coordinate traffic problems and improve traffic safety. The Traffic Sergeant also formulates the department’s operational plans for special events.

Officers assigned to the Traffic Unit primarily conduct speed enforcement through the use of radar and laser speed-measuring devices. Traffic officers assist in routine accident investigations and conduct investigations into serious injury or fatal motor vehicle accidents.


Anyone wishing to contact the Traffic Unit can call the office number at 860-652-4254, or contact us online at the e-mail addresses listed below:

Sergeant Jeffrey Hodder:

Officer Bryan Verillo:

Officer Sergey Sharov:


Glastonbury residents or business owners who would like to request that the traffic unit conduct selective police enforcement in a particular area of town can contact the Traffic Sergeant at 860-652-4254 or email Sgt. Jeffrey Hodder at


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