Crime Prevention & Victim Resources

Prevent Crime- Don’t be a Victim!

The Glastonbury Police Department (GPD) takes a proactive approach to crime prevention and offers Crime Prevention assessments free of charge to Glastonbury residents and businesses. These assessments cover exterior features such as outside lighting, street visibility, as well as plantings. The assessments also look at interior features such as doors, windows, locks, security systems and lighting. This is a valuable service that may make your home more secure and less attractive to a criminal.

The Glastonbury Police Department’s Community Outreach Officer can visit your home and discuss interior and exterior features, and how they could affect your safety. This process will take approximately 1 hour to complete. The discussion will include the strengths and weaknesses of your current security features. Recommendations for improvements may be made where necessary.  For more information, please contact:

Glastonbury Police Department
Community Outreach Unit  
(860) 652-4286

Child Crime Victims


Harassment is a common crime among youth, particularly stemming from school related events.  Harassment consists of intent to cause annoyance by electronic means, such as a telephone or computer, or through written communication.  Resources for victims of harassment can be found with the school administration or through the School Resource Officer.  The police department can also be a resource if someone has become a victim of harassment.


Theft from school lockers can be an issue with youth.  Often students do not take the time to lock their items in a locker that is available in the locker rooms and upon returning from class, they discover missing items.  Simple steps can be taken to prevent thefts from occurring: locking things properly and not sharing lockers in the schools are just a start.


Bullying is a series of repeated intentionally cruel incidents that usually occurs between individuals who are not friends.  There is a physical or psychological intimidation creating an ongoing pattern of harassment or abuse.  Typically, there is a power difference between the victim and the bully in reference to size as well as age.  Bullying can be physical, verbal or relational such as exclusion from particular groups.  

Signs that harassment or bullying is a problem can be:

  • Missing school
  • Avoiding areas (cafeteria, playground)
  • Drop in academic performance
  • Low self-esteem
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia  

Victim Resources

If your child has been a victim of a crime in the community, you can contact the Glastonbury Police Department at (860) 633-8301.  If your child is a victim in the school environment, you can notify the school administration as well as the School Resource Officers assigned to the school.

If your child has been a victim of a minor crime or is a victim of bullying, there are resources to contact for help:

  • School Resource Officer at Glastonbury High School: (860)652-6681
  • School Resource Officer at Smith Middle School: (860)652-7011
  • Glastonbury Police Department Youth Unit: (860)652-4280

Resources for Victims of Violent or Traumatic Crimes

If your child has been a victim of a violent or traumatic crime, you may contact the following for services and resources:

  • Glastonbury Police Emergency: 911
  • Glastonbury Youth Unit: (860) 652-4280
  • National Center for Victims of Crime: