Teen Programs

Academy Teen Center-Summer - TBD
(Teens that have completed grades 5-9)
Students that will be entering 6th grade in the fall can attend during summer hours. Come in, cool off, hang out! After Awesome Adventures camp spend more time with your friends! Enjoy pool, table tennis, air hockey and foosball or explore your creative side in our arts and crafts area. Challenge your friends in a variety of games on Wii and XBox or enjoy a movie in the cafeteria...including a bottomless bag of popcorn!
Teen Center 
Summer Pass             208005-05

FEE:                  $39/Summer Pass; $5/Daily
LOCATION:       Academy Building (2143 Main Street)
MEETS:           June 23-July 30
                        Tuesday-Thursday 2:00-6:00 p.m.

Teen Center Community Garden
Teens will take part in planting, weeding, watering, and harvesting vegetables in their own community garden plot! Everyone who helps is welcome to take home produce. Extra produce will be donated to FOODSHARE to help those in need in the Hartford and Tolland counties. 

Friday Night Club - TBD
Have fun and make new friends! Themed Friday night activities  (Thursdays in the Summer) are planned for special needs adults 16 and older from Glastonbury, Glastonbury Special Olympics participants and their guests. Program staff provides general supervision. Participants requiring more assistance to participate are welcome to bring a family member, friend, or personal assistant. Activities include off-site and on-site time for themed activities. Participants will also utilize the Teen Center for pool, air hockey, foosball and games. A schedule of activities is sent via e-mail in January. Call the Parks and Recreation office (860)652-7679 or Academy Teen Center (860)652-7838 with any questions.

Home Alone Safety - CANCELED
(Boys and Girls Ages 8-13)
This interactive two-hour course will cover safety concerns parents have when their children are by themselves. Students will learn to be more aware of the potential dangers they could face when they are alone. Each student will receive a workbook that covers house key safety, indoor and outdoor (including kitchen) safety, gun safety, fires and gas leaks. We will also review first aid kit essentials and phone, door, and internet safety. Parents/guardians are asked to attend the last 30 minutes of the course. They will receive a workbook with conversations starters such as creating a family fire escape plan 
and the importance of an emergency contact list.

Teen Activities
Home Alone              208004-H1

FEE:               $30/Person
MEETS:          6:00-8:00 p.m.
LOCATION:    Academy Teen Center
DATE:            Friday, June 5, 2020

Awesome Adventures Teen Camp - Now Open to Incoming 6th Graders! - CANCELED
(Teens that have completed grades 5, 6, 7 or 8)
Features trips to theme parks, adventure programs, swimming and special events. This program is appropriate for teens that are comfortable with independence on field trips. For example, on trips like Lake Compounce and Six Flags, teens will have a buddy and will be required to adhere to several check-in’s throughout the day. Staff will be at designated locations, but will not be in groups with campers. Teens that have completed grades 5 & 6 should register for Gr 5-6B. Teens that have completed grades 7 & 8 should register for Gr 7-8 G. Add a Teen Center Summer Pass for just $39 and attend the Teen Center after camp until 6:00 p.m. Daily admission to the Teen Center is $5/person. See page 15 for more Teen Center information! A tentative listing of trips is listed below:

 5-6 Blue Group Session 1 7-8 Green Group Session 1
 Dave & Busters
Powder Ridge
Lake Compounce
Six Flags
Lake Compounce
Powder Ridge
Dave & Busters
Six Flags
 5-6 Blue Group Session 2  7-8 Green Group Session 2
Supercharged Racing
Lake Compounce
Adventure Park
Ocean Beach
Six Flags 
Escape Room
Urban Air
Lake Compounce Supercharged Racing
Ocean Beach
Six Flags  
 5-6 Blue Group Session 3  7-8 Green Group Session 3
 Escape Room
Baseball Game
Lake Compounce
Urban Air
Six Flags
 Sonny’s Place
Basketball Game
Lake Compounce
Adventure Park
Six Flags

Awesome Adventures Session 1
Awsm Adv 1 Gr 5-6 B 104101-56
Awsm Adv 1 Gr 7-8 G 104101-78
Awesome Adventures Session 2
Awsm Adv 2 Gr 5-6 B 104201-56
Awsm Adv 2 Gr 7-8 G 104201-78
Awesome Adventures Session 3
Awsm Adv 3 Gr 5-6 B 104301-56
Awsm Adv 3 Gr 7-8 G 104301-78

FEE:                 $229/Session
MEETS:           Tuesday-Thursday 9:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.*
                        *First Thursday of Each Session is a 4:00 p.m. end time;
                         Second Thursday of Each Session is a 5:00 p.m. End Time
LOCATION:      Riverfront Park Boathouse Pavilion
SESSION 1:     June 23-July 2
SESSION 2:    July 7-16
SESSION 3:    July 21-30

Summer Teen Theme Park Trips - CANCELED
(Boys & Girls that have completed grades 5-8)
Trips provide an opportunity to hang out and ride the bus with friends who are registered in the Awesome Adventures Camp. Teen Trip participants will be grouped with friends registered in the Awesome Adventures Camp (if applicable). 

Teen Trips
Lake Compounce 6/25             108004-01 
Lake Compounce 6/25             108004-10 
(If you have a Season Pass) 
Six Flags 7/2                             108004-02  
Six Flags 7/2 Pass                    108004-03
(If you have a Season Pass)   
Lake Compounce 7/9                108004-11
Lake Compounce 7/9 Pass        108004-12 
(If you have a Season Pass) 
Six Flags 7/16                          108004-05  
Six Flags 7/16 Pass                 108004-09
(If you have a Season Pass) 
Lake Compounce 7/23               108004-13
Lake Compounce 7/23 Pass      108004-14 
(If you have a Season Pass) 
Six Flags 7/30                            108004-07  
Six Flags 7/30 Pass                   108004-08  
(If you have a Season Pass)  

FEE:                                Lake Compounce $48/Teen
                                       Six Flags $58/Teen
                                       Lake Compounce & Six Flags $16/Teen (With Pass)
MEETS:                         Thursdays
LAKE COMPOUNCE:    10:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. 
SIX FLAGS:                    9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.
LOCATION:                    Departs Riverfront Park Boathouse Pavilion

Leader-In-Training Program - CANCELED
(Teens that completed grades 7 and 8)
The Leader-In-Training program provides an opportunity for teens to gain camp counselor experience and also enjoy the trips and activities of Awesome Adventures Camp with friends! On Mondays and Fridays during the session, teens will gain experience in leadership training, emergency procedures, job interviewing, and other skills necessary to work for a summer camp. This portion of the program will take place at a Playground Camp (TBD) where teens will complete daily lessons and assist summer playground staff while being supervised by the LIT Director. Drop-off and pick-up on Mondays and Fridays will be at the Playground Camp. On Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, teens will participate in activities with the Awesome Adventures Gr 7-8 group. These days are intended as an opportunity for teens to hang out with their friends!

LIT Program 
LIT Program 1          104001-LT
LIT Program 2          104001-L2

FEE:                   $329/teen 
MEETS:             Monday-Friday 9:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.
LOCATION:       Monday & Friday @ Playground Camp; Tuesday-Thursday @ Riverfront Park Boathouse Pavilion
SESSION 1:      July 6-July 17
SESSION 2:      July 20-July 31