Swim by Eight!

Ozzie Says “Let’s Swim by Eight”

Ozzie the OctopusEvery child in Glastonbury should learn to swim by 8 years old. Kids are surrounded by swimming pools, lakes, rivers and other bodies of water that are used for recreation therefore every child needs basic aquatic safety and swimming skills. Glastonbury is committed to helping every child (and adult) learn to swim and will be offering a variety of programs and services to make it easy and fun to learn! Why should you learn to swim? Parks and Recreation Department’s newest swim lesson ambassador, Ozzie the Octopus, has eight great reasons!

  • Have Fun with Friends
  • Improve Physical Well-Being                                        
  • Meet New People
  • Learn a Life Skill
  • Improve Emotional Health
  • Learn Water Safety Awareness
  • Build Confidence
  • Be comfortable in the Water

Whether you are a competitive swimmer or just starting out, there are countless ways to enjoy the water here in Glastonbury. Click here to view a list of all the local pools, or check out the many ways to get your feet wet below:

Children's Swim Lessons
Swim by Eight Brochure
Aquatics & Swim Team
Pool Schedule
Boat Launch at Riverfront Park