Youth Sports Programs

Backyard Games 
(Grades K-3) 
Play all your favorite backyard games like capture the flag, sharks & minnows, freeze tag, basketball, soccer, flag football and others. A wonderful way to have fun and stay active during the winter months.  

Fitness for Kids
Backyard Games          412202-BG

Fee:                $52
Meets:            Tuesdays, 4:45-5:45 p.m.
Date:              January 7-February 4
Location:         Buttonball School Gym
Instructor:        Kavin Banks, Jr.

X-Factor Training Camp for Children
(Ages 7-14) 
Improve physical health and well being in an all inclusive, non-competitive camp. Utilize speed, quickness and agility drills to get active and improve performance.  Non-competitive games and training exercises create a dynamic workout. Instructed by personal trainers with experience working with youth. 

Fitness for Kids
X-Factor Winter         412202-MA
X-Factor Spring         412202-SX

Fee:                 $80/person
Meets:            Tuesday & Thursday 6:30-7:45 p.m.
Winter:            February 25-March 26 (No Class 3/12, 3/19)
Spring:            April 21-May 21 (No Class 5/5, 5/7)
Location:         Buttonball Gym
Instructor:       Coach Kavin Banks, Jr.

Youth Jukido
(Ages 6 & up by start of session)
Discover authentic martial arts. Jukido is based on centuries old Japanese Jujitsu and is a fun and safe way to learn to defend yourself. Parents who wish to participate with their child may also register.

Jukido Winter
Jukido Winter 6:15         312105-01
Jukido Spring
Jukido Spring 6:15         412105-01

Fee:            $52/Person (Winter); $50/Person (Spring)
Meets:        Monday 6:15-7:15
Location:    Gideon Welles Aux. Gym
Winter:       8 Weeks December 2-February 24
Spring:       6 Weeks March 30-June 1
Instructor:  Rich Webster

Skyhawks Volleyball Clinic
(Boys & Girls Grades 6-8) 
All aspects of the game will be taught through drills and exercises that focus on passing, setting, hitting, defense, offense and serving. Learn not only the core volleyball skills but also teamwork and sportsmanship.  Skyhawks’ staff will assist each athlete in developing fundamental skills of the game through game-speed drills and scrimmages aimed at developing the whole player. Players will be grouped by age and ability.

Skyhawks Sports Programs
Spring Volleyball                    304109-VB

Fee:            $109
Meets:         Tuesdays 5:15-7:15 p.m.
Dates:          March 31-May 12 (No Class 4/14)
Location:      Smith Middle School Auxiliary Gym

Girls in Stride Running 
(Girls Grades 1-8) 
Imagine the thrill your daughter will feel as she crosses the finish line in her first race. This dynamite training program will prepare your daughter for the Celebrate West Hartford 5K on June 7th. Focus will be on using games and drills that make running fun, while also improving athletic performance for those who play other sports. Help your daughter gain confidence, build self-esteem, and lead her to a path of health and fitness. This non-competitive training program is offered for all levels of runners. As part of the program, the girls will be exposed to goal setting, journaling of training, nutrition, and mental preparation. Fee includes a t-shirt and training journal. In case of inclement weather, the program will be held in the Academy Building.  Race registration is not included in the program fee. 
Running Programs       
Spring GIS (1-8)        203105-GS
Fee:               $79/Person (Does not Include Race Registration Fee)
Meets:           Wednesdays 3:30-4:30 p.m.
Location:        Riverfront Park Gazebo
Dates:            April 22-June 3 

Spring Children’s Tennis
(Ages 7-17)
Lessons are broken into groups allowing instructors to provide emphasis on specific skills. Must provide your own racquet. Level 1 for those with little or no tennis experience. Level 2 for those who hold a racquet properly, understand the basics of forehand and backhand and hit at least 3 times from the center service line. Level 3 for those who understand the basics of rallying, hit forehand and backhand at least 3 times from the baseline with both, perform the basics of a serve and know how to keep score. Level 4 for those who consistently rally forehand and backhand 4-6 times from the baseline, serve, hit overhead and approach shots, and understand rules and tennis etiquette. Students will be divided according to skill. 

Spring Child Tennis Lessons
Level                     9:00 a.m.            10:00 a.m.
Level 1, 2, 3          423281-AA
Level 2, 3, 4                                     423281-BB

Fee:                   $29/Session
Meets:               Saturday 9:00-9:55 a.m.;10:00-10:55 a.m.
Location:           GHS Tennis Courts
Dates:                April 25-May 30 (No Class 5/23)

QuickStart Red Ball Tennis 
(Ages 5-7)
This program is geared to help younger children learn the game of tennis. Low compression balls are used to help the younger children lean to play. Bring a junior racquet and water bottle. 

Spring Child Tennis Lessons  
Quick Start             423281-QS

Fee:             $29/Session
Meets:         Saturday 8:00-8:55 a.m. 
Location:     GHS Tennis Courts
Dates:          April 25-May 30 (No Class 5/23)

Locker Room Shopping Extravaganza
Don’t let the added cost of equipment stop you from playing the game! Hartwell Soccer in conjunction with Parks and Recreation and Social Services has put together a sports equipment recycling program. Gently used equipment is being made available FREE OF CHARGE to players who need assistance with getting the right equipment to play sports. Shop till you drop on Thursday, February 20 from 10:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. or Friday, February 21st from 10:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. The Locker Room currently has soccer, baseball and basketball items available as well as some miscellaneous sports equipment. Please contact the Academy Teen Center at (860)652-7838 or e-mail at for more information.
Donations are also currently being accepted for all sports. Equipment can be brought to the Academy Teen Center on Wednesdays, Thursdays or Fridays between 3:00-6:30 p.m. Donation bins are also available for your convenience during off hours.