Preschool Programs

Kangaroo Kids 2020-2021 Deposit
Kangaroo Kids is a developmentally appropriate experience for 3&4 year olds. Theme days, arts & crafts, music, social interaction and creative play allow opportunities for your child to explore, imagine and learn under the watchful supervision of our experienced and nurturing staff. Program is offered in either a 2 day or 4 day per week option as follows:

3&4: Mon. & Thurs. 9:00-11:30
3&4: Tues. & Fri. 9:00-11:30
3&4: Mon., Tues., Thurs., Fri. 9:00-11:30
4: Mon., Tues., Thurs., Fri. 12:30-3:00

Deposits for the 2020-21 program will be accepted beginning on March 10, 2020. Please note the deposit is non-refundable after June 1, 2020. Child must be age 3 or 4 by January 1, 2021 to be eligible (No Exceptions). 3 year olds must be toilet trained.  Kangaroo Kids meets September-early June.  Complete information (dates, fees etc.) will be in the 2020 Summer Brochure available in early March.

An Open House will be held in March at our facility at 35 Bell Street. If you would like to visit the program currently in session, contact Kangaroo Kids at (860) 657-8616 to make an appointment.

Kangaroo Kids Deposit
AM 3&4  Mon & Thurs.                     403128-01
AM 3&4  Tues & Fri.                          403128-02
AM 3&4  Mon, Tues, Thurs, & Fri      403128-03
PM 4       Mon, Tues, Thurs, & Fri     403128-04

Fee:                 $250 Deposit
Location:          Kangaroo Kids 35 Bell Street
Meets:             September 8, 2020-June 4, 2021

Skyhawks Tiny Hawks
(Ages 3-4) 
Help children fine-tune their motor skills in soccer and basketball. Parents are encouraged to stay and are required to stay if children are not quite ready to participate alone. Children must be toilet trained. 
Skyhawks Sports Programs
Tiny Hawk             304109-TH

Fee:             $75
Meets:         Thursdays 5:00-5:50 p.m.
Dates:          May 7-June 4
Location:      Naubuc School Gym

Skyhawks Mini Hawk Sports Program
(Ages 4-6)
This multi-sport program allows young children to explore more than one sport without any pressure. Participate in Soccer and T-ball through unique Skyhawks games. Mini-Hawk coaching staff is trained to meet the specific needs of young children and is committed to helping them start off on the right foot!

Skyhawks Sports Programs
Mini-Hawk              304109-AA

Fee:              $75
Meets:          Thursdays, 6:00-7:00 p.m.
Dates:           May 7-June 4
Location:       Naubuc School Gym

Music Together®
(Newborns-Age 5)
An innovative approach to early childhood music learning based on the premise that all children are inherently musical. Children explore and express music alongside their most important role models; parents, caregivers and teachers. Nurture your child’s natural enthusiasm for music & movement during this early childhood stage of most rapid growth. Instructor is Jessica Nevins of Music Together of the River Valley.

Music Together-Winter
Music Together 9:15         303101-01
Music Sibling 9:15            303101-02
Music Together 10:15      303101-03
Music Sibling 10:15         303101-04
Music Together 11:15      303101-05
Music Sibling 11:15         303101-06

Music Together-Spring
Music Together 9:15      403101-01
Music Sibling 9:15          403101-02
Music Together 10:15     403101-03
Music Sibling 10:15        403101-04
Music Together 11:15     403101-05
Music Sibling 11:15        403101-06

Fee:           $185/child; $100/sibling (Newborns under 8 months attend FREE when a sibling is registered; $185 registered alone.
Meets:       Tuesday 
                  9:15-10:00 a.m.; 10:15-11:00 a.m. or 11:15 a.m.-12:00 p.m.
Location:   RCC Activity Room
Winter:      10 weeks January 7-March 17
Spring:      10 weeks April 7-June 16


Parent Child Play Group
(Ages 1-4)
Designed to provide children with an unstructured group play situation and allow parents an opportunity to meet, relax and enjoy their children. Held at the Academy Gym on the carpeted spring floor with equipment for kids to climb, explore and enjoy!

Winter Play-Mon 9:10           303125-01
Winter Play-Mon 10:10         303125-02
Winter Play-Thurs. 9:10        303125-03
Winter Play-Thurs 10:10       303125-04
Spring Play-Mon 9:10           403125-01
Spring Play-Mon 10:10         403125-02
Spring Play-Thurs. 9:10        403125-03
Spring Play-Thurs 10:10       403125-04

Fee:              $30/child
Meets:          Monday:  9:10-10:00; 10:10-11:00
                     Thursday:  9:10-10:00; 10:10-11:00
Location:       Academy Gym
Winter:         Monday:  Jan. 13-March 2 (6 Weeks)
                     Thursday:  Jan. 16-Feb. 27 (6 Weeks)
Spring:          Monday: March 23-May 4 (6 Weeks)
                     Thursday: March 26-May 7 (6 weeks)

Messy Art
(Ages 18 months-4 years)
An introduction to art for parent and child.  It’s not about the end result, but about children getting to color, smear, squish, paint, glue, cut and get creative!

Winter Art            303235-01
Spring Art            403235-01

Fee:                 $60/child
Meets:             Tuesday 9:15-10:00
Location:         Academy Teen Center
Winter:            January 14-Feb. 25 (6 weeks)
Spring:            March 24-May 5 (6 Weeks)

Book, Craft, Play
(Ages 2-5 years)
A parent-child class where favorite childhood books and stories are brought to life through arts, crafts interactive play and songs.

Winter Book 9:15           303234-01
Winter Book 10:15         303234-02
Spring Book 9:15           403234-01
Spring Book 10:15        403234-02

Fee:             $60/child
Meets:         Friday 9:15-10:00; 10:15-11:00
Location:     Academy Teen Center
Winter:       January 17-February 28 (6 weeks)
Spring:      March 27-May 8 (6 Weeks)

Fairy Tale Bakeshop *NEW*
(Ages 18 Months-4 Years)
Fairy tales and stories come to life through reading, crafts and edible artwork. Each week we decorate an edible art project. Please note allergens such as dairy, eggs, nuts and gluten will be used. 

Winter Fairy Tale         303233-01
Spring Fairy Tale         403233-01

Fee:             $60/child
Meets:         Tuesday 10:30-11:15 a.m.
Location:      Academy Teen Center
Winter:         January 14-Feb. 25 (6 weeks)
Spring:         March 24-May 5 (6 Weeks)