Preschool Programs

Kangaroo Kids 2020-2021 Deposit
Registration begins at 8:00 a.m. on March 10, 2020
Kangaroo Kids is a developmentally appropriate experience for 3&4 year olds. Theme days, arts & crafts, music, social interaction and creative play allow opportunities for your child to explore, imagine and learn under the watchful supervision of our experienced and nurturing staff. Program is offered in either a 2 day or 4 day per week option as follows:

Ages 3&4:  Mon & Thurs.             9:00-11:30 a.m. 
Ages 3&4:  Tues. & Fri.             9:00-11:30 a.m.
Ages 3&4:  Mon., Tues., Thurs., Fri.       9:00-11:30 a.m.
Age 4:        Mon., Tues., Thurs., Fri.       12:30-3:00 p.m.

Child must be age 3 or 4 by January 1, 2021 to be eligible (NO EXCEPTIONS). 3 year olds must be toilet trained! Kangaroo Kids meets September-early June. 

An Open House will be held on Tuesday, March 10th from 4:00-6:00 p.m. If you would like to visit our program currently in session, contact Kangaroo Kids (860) 657-8616 to make an appointment.

Kangaroo Kids Deposit
AM 3&4   Mon. & Thurs                     403128-01 
AM 3&4   Tues. & Fri                         403128-02
AM 3&4   Mon, Tues, Thurs & Fri     403128-03
PM 4        Mon, Tues, Thurs & Fri    403128-04

FEE: $250 Deposit
The deposit is non-refundable after June 1, 2020 so please plan accordingly.  

Balance of Fee:   $792 (2 Day); $1,550 (4 Day) will be paid in two installments:

September 11, 2020: $387.50 (2 Day); $775 (4 Day)
January 8, 2021: $387.50 (2 Day); $775 (4 Day)

(Ages 3-4) 
Help children fine-tune their motor skills in soccer and basketball.  Parents are encouraged to stay and participate and are required to stay if children are not ready to participate alone. Must be toilet trained. Week of June 29th, no basketball. 

Tiny Hawk-June            104109-TH
Tiny Hawk-Aug              104109-T2

FEE:                $69/June Session; $85/August Session
JUNE:              June 29-July 2 12:15-1:00 p.m. @ Academy Building
AUGUST:        August 3-7 12:15-1:00 p.m. @ Hebron Avenue School

(Boys & Girls ages 4-7 by the start of the session)
Promotes a philosophy of fun while teaching soccer, baseball and basketball. Non-competitive atmosphere provides individual attention while teaching basic skills and team strategies. Week of June 29th, no basketball.

Mini-Hawk 1              104109-A1
Mini-Hawk 2              104109-A2
Mini-Hawk 3              104109-A3
Mini-Hawk 4              104109-A4

FEE:                 $99/Session 1,2; $139/Session 3,4
MEETS:            Monday-Friday 9:00 a.m.-Noon
SESSION 1:    June 16-19 @ Gideon Welles School
SESSION 2:    June 29-July 2 @ Academy Building
SESSION 3:    July 20-24 @ Hebron Avenue School
SESSION 4:    August 3-7 @ Hebron Avenue School

Kiddie Camp - CANCELED
(Child Must be 3 by 6/1/20 NO EXCEPTIONS) 
An introductory camp experience for 3 or 4 year olds held at Kangaroo Kids Preschool! From animals to bugs to leaves on trees, we’ll create and investigate nature and summer themed activities using books, crafts, songs and games. Meets rain or shine. Must be toilet trained. Supervision is a 6:1 child to staff ratio. Registration is limited to 2 sessions/child so we may accommodate as many children as possible. You may sign up for additional sessions on a space available basis beginning Tuesday, April 7th.

Kiddie Kamp
Kiddie Session 1          104017-S1
Kiddie Session 2          104017-S2
Kiddie Session 3          104017-S3
Kiddie Session 4          104017-S4

FEE:                $70/Child
MEETS:           Monday-Friday 9:30-11:30 a.m.
LOCATION:     Kangaroo Kids (35 Bell Street)
SESSION 1:    June 22-26
SESSION 2:    June 29-July 2
SESSION 3:    July 6-10
SESSION 4:    July 13-17

Family Yoga - CANCELED
Create awareness of the body and breath, combining functional movement with mindfulness. Includes warm up and centering, physical movement and yoga flow, cool down and relaxation. Parents will help guide children under 8. Bring a yoga mat, water and props. Children under 12 must register and have an adult registered with them to participate.  

Fitness Programs Summer
Family Yoga PM             107211-FT 
Family Yoga AM             107211-F

FEE:                      $39/Person (PM); $24/Person (AM)
PM MEETS:         Thursdays, July 9-August 20 5:15-6:00 p.m. RCC Exercise Room
AM MEETS:         Tuesdays, July 7-28 9:30-10:30 a.m. RCC Exercise Room

Mommy & Me Barre - NEW - VIRTUAL 
(Adult & Children 2-5)
Lift, tone, sculpt, define and strengthen your core muscles. Uses the ballet barre (or chairs) and small, isometric, concentrated movements to create lean muscles. Allows you to enjoy this energetic form of exercise with your child through partner exercises and stretches. Workout is set to upbeat music at a vigorous pace! Bring water, mat and 1-2 pound hand weights. 

Family Fitness
Mom & Me Barre Sum             107302-B1 

FEE:                      $39/Adult
MEETS:                Wednesdays, 10:45-11:30 a.m.
LOCATION:          Academy Multipurpose Room
DATES:                June 24-July 15
INSTRUCTOR:    Personal Euphoria