Children's, Adult & Private Swim Lessons & Events

Ozzie the Octopus  

Ozzie Says “Let’s Swim by Eight”
Every child in Glastonbury should learn to swim by 8 years old. Kids are surrounded by swimming pools, lakes, rivers and other bodies of water that are used for recreation. Every child needs basic aquatic safety and swimming skills. Glastonbury Parks and Recreation’s newest swim lesson ambassador, Ozzie the Octopus, has eight great reasons to learn to swim!

American Red Cross Learn to Swim
Glastonbury Parks & Recreation follows the American Red Cross Learn-to-Swim program for ages 5 and up which offers 6 comprehensive course levels that will teach your child how to swim skillfully and safely. Additionally, the program includes pre-school age swimming for Infant/Toddler and Tots. Levels include basic water skills and stroke technique as well as introducing a wide range of personal safety skills. The prerequisite for each level is successful demonstration of the skills from the preceding level. Wading pools at both Grange and Addison are closed during lessons.

Age 6 months to 3 year olds. Parent must participate with child.

Age 3 & 4 year olds. Parent must participate with child.

Level 1-Introduction to Water Skills

This class is appropriate if your child has little or no experience in the water. The purpose of this class is to help students feel comfortable in the water.

Level 2-Fundamentals of Aquatic Skills
This class is appropriate if your child can submerge underwater while blowing bubbles with mouth and nose, float on front and back and swim using arms pulling and legs kicking at the same time.

Level 3-Stroke Development
This class is appropriate if your child can submerge completely underwater, jump from poolside into deep water, glide using front and back floats, tread water, swim combined front and back stroke and swim on side.

Level 4-Stroke Improvement
This class is appropriate if your child can perform front crawlstroke, back crawlstroke, do rotary breathing while horizontal, dive headfirst from kneeling or standing, do butterfly kick with butterfly body motion.

Level 5-Stroke Refinement
This class is appropriate if your child can perform elementary backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly, front and back crawlstrokes, perform both deep and shallow dives, surface dive foot-first, perform scissors kick on the side and open turns on front and back.

Level 6-Swimming Skill Proficiency
This class is appropriate if your child can tread water using different leg kicks, perform front and back crawlstrokes, elementary backstroke, butterfly, breaststroke, sidestroke, perform standing dive, surface dive, and perform open turns and flip turns to change direction at the side of the pool. There are 1 type of Level 6 that is taught; Fitness Swimmer.

Pool Rules

  • Children under age 8 and/or those less than 45” must be accompanied with someone 16 or older.
  • Personal flotation devices must be Coast Guard approved and used with an adult swimmer within arms length of the swimmer.
  • Children not yet toilet trained must wear a swim diaper or cover a regular diaper with tight fitted rubber pants.
  • All persons shall bathe with warm water and soap before entering the water.
  • Non-swimmers are not permitted in the water alone unless they can stand with their head fully above water.
  • No running, boisterous, or rough play or profanity.
  • Spitting or blowing nose in pool is prohibited.
  • No food on the pool deck.
  • No balls allowed.
  • No diving off deck into shallow areas of the pool.
  • Any persons known or suspected of having a communicable or infectious disease shall not use the pool.
  • Mask, fins, snorkels used at discretion of the guards.
  • No glass containers, food, beverages or gum allowed inside the pool area.
  • Swimmers may be asked to perform a swim test prior to entering the deep end.
  • Diving Board Use: one person on the board at a time. Be sure area in front of the board is clear.
  • No double bouncing, only dive straight off the board.
  • No jumping/diving off the deep side of the pool while diving board is in use.         

Private Swim Lessons
(Glastonbury Residents-Ages 5 and up)
Private lessons (1:1) and semi-private lessons (1:2), are offered to meet you or your child’s instructional needs. Lessons offered as 4 thirty minute sessions at mutually agreed upon times during evenings and weekends at the GHS Pool. Lessons not available during peak times when pool is most crowded. Semi-private lesson participants must be within a skill level apart. To register, complete a “Private Swim Registration Form” available at Parks and Recreation, online at or at the pool. 

4 x 30 Minute Private (1:1):              $120/Person
4 x 30 Minute Semi-Private (1:2):    $180/2 People

Adult Swim Lessons
(Adults ages 18 and over of all abilities)  
It’s never too late to learn to swim or fine tune strokes. The GHS Pool will be CLOSED July 1-24 (estimated).

Swim Lessons Summer
Adult Swim  Lessons                101129-AA

FEE:          $49/person

Summer Swim Lesson Registration - SESSION 1 CANCELED; SESSIONS 2-4 TBD
The GHS Pool will be CLOSED July 1-24 (estimated). As a result, 2nd and 3rd sessions will be held at other locations.
Limit registration to one session/child. During walk-in registration, you may sign up for more sessions on a space available basis. If your child is enrolled in the wrong level, every effort will be made to transfer your child into the appropriate level on a space available basis. On the day the session begins, on-line registration will no longer be available for that session. 

FEE:              $44/Session; $34/GHS AM & PM Session 1
MEETS:         Monday-Friday for 25 minutes (2nd week of each session ends Thursday)
SESSION 1:  June 22-June 31 (GHS AM & PM)
                      June 22-July 2 (Addison & Grange)
SESSION 2: July 6-16 (Addison & Grange)
SESSION 3: July 20-30 (Addison & Grange)
SESSION 4: August 3-13 (GHS PM & Addison)

The last number of each code denotes the session. Example 102101 is session 1 at Addison in the morning. 102102 is session 2 at Addison in the morning. CLICK HERE FOR SUMMER SWIM CLASS TIMES AND CODES (codes denote Session 1).