Online Registration

Please read carefully!

Summer Registration begins at 8 AM on March 17th.


1.) If you have participated in any programs with us since 2004 or have a User Name & Password then you are a Registered User! In order to continue you MUST know your User Name & Password… If you do not know it or are unsure, call the Parks & Recreation Office at 860-652-7679 & press 5.

2.) Click REGISTER NOW on the bottom of the page and then enter your User Name & Password.

3.) Be sure to update Family Members information (Grade, etc.) before you begin! To do so, click on “My Account”, then click “Change Family Member Data”.  In order to register for the correct section of Music & Arts Camp you should have your child's grade set to the grade they are currently in.

4.) You are now ready to register for Music & Arts Camp…  Either click on the "Music & Arts Camp" link on the main page, under Summer Program or Enter the Activity Number 104128.  A list of all Music & Art Camp sections will appear.  Click on the shopping cart photo next to the appropriate section, based on the grade your child is entering in September 2020. 

5.) Make sure you have enrolled the appropriate family member (by clicking on the drop down arrow), then click “Add to Cart”.

6.) After clicking “Yes I Agree” you will be prompted to answer a page of questions. Your answers to these questions provide the Camp Director with important information as well as be used to determine your child’s camp schedule.

For grade 3 you will pick first and second choice classes in each category. Be sure to review the categories and classes on the Class Descriptions-Grade 3 page before clicking “Register Now”. You may also print the Class Descriptions page to use as a reference when registering.

For grades 4-9 you will select one class for each Period. If you select an Art Class, or Jazz Band for one Period the following Period you must select “None” because those classes are double periods. Students may only take two Art Classes. Be sure to review the classes on the Class Descriptions pages before clicking “Register Now”, you may also print the Class Descriptions page to use as a reference when registering.

2020 Sample Question Pages
Grade 3
Grade 4
Grade 5
Grade 6
Grade 7
Grade 8
Grade 9

7.) After clicking “Submit” on the Questions page you may either “Continue Shopping” to register another child for camp or to register your child for the Extended Day programs, search for Activity Code 104105, or you may “Proceed to Checkout”.

8.) Once you “Proceed to Checkout”, you must now enter your Credit Card & follow the directions on the screen.

9.) If you do not enter your Credit Card information and do not receive a confirmation, you have not been enrolled in the Camp.

10.) Your child’s class schedule as well as a letter with important camp information will be mailed to your house the week of May 11th. Corrections and/or changes to your child’s schedule cannot be made after June 12th. Any request made after that time will be addressed by the Director after the first day of camp.

 Once you are ready to register click REGISTER NOW.