Mail-In Registration

Please read carefully!

Summer Registration begins on Tuesday, March 19th.  Registration received by mail before March 19th will be processed at random as staff time permits on March 19th.  No registrations will be processed before 8:00 AM on March 19th.


1.)  Print the Program Mail-In Registration form, complete form.  Completely fill in Household and Participant Information. Under "Registration Information" list  "Music & Arts Camp" and the Grade your child is entering in September 2019 as the 1st choice activity.  If you are registering more than one child please print out a separate form for each child.

2019 Registration Form

2.) Print the "Sample Question Page" for the grade your child is entering in September 2019.  Write the child's name on the top of the paper, fill in the form out completely.  

Sample Question Pages
Grade 3
Grade 4
Grade 5
Grade 6
Grade 7, 8 & 9

For grade 3 you will pick a first and second choice class in each category. Be sure to review the categories and classes on the Class Descriptions-Grade 3 page. You may also print the Class Descriptions page to use as a reference.

For grades 4-9 you will select one class for each Period. If you select an Art Class, or Jazz Band for one Period the following Period you must select “None” because those classes are double periods. Students may only take two Art Classes. Be sure to review the classes on the Class Descriptions pages before registering, you may also print the Class Descriptions page to use as a reference.

4.)  If you wish to enroll in the Extended Day Camp Program, list it on the Registration Form.

5.)  Payment - $265 for Music & Arts Camp, $239 for Camp After Camp, $259 for Teen Scene. You may pay with a credit card by filling in your credit card information or by check.  If paying by check please make out a separate check for Music & Arts Camp and Extended Camp Program for each child you are enrolling.

6.)  Mail To:  Parks & Recreation, Music and Arts Camp, P.O. Box 6523, Glastonbury, CT 06033