Class Descriptions

Music, Arts & More

There are over 50 classes offered at the Music & Arts Camp in the following areas. Please note not all classes are offered for all grades. Please click on the grade your child is entering in September 2019 to see specific classes offered.

Music & Arts 2017 


Art Classes are double periods (1 hour) and cannot be split.  A smock and/or other minor recycled or nature items might be needed for class and may be stored in the art rooms.  A list will be available on this website in May and to your child on the first day of camp.  Students who are absent will be unable to make up the projects missed during their absence. Food Decorating will be a single period class this year.

A wide variety of music classes are offered, giving campers an opportunity to explore and have fun with music.  These are single period classes that meet for 1/2 hour.

The large musical ensembles will perform in the final concert.  Students who anticipate being absent for one week or more or who will not be at the final performance, are not encouraged to participate in large ensembles.  Students are responsible for providing their own instruments.

Single period courses that meet for 1/2 hour.  Instructors will provide information regarding instrument rental or purchase and the method book, this information will also be available online in May, but students will not be required to have them until the 3rd class.  Students who anticipate being absent for a week due to vacation, etc. should not plan to begin an instrument.

Single period course that meets for 1/2 hour.  Please note the level requirements.  The instructor has the right to group classes by ability levels.  Some classes may be selected to perform in the final concert.

Single period courses that meet for 1/2 hour.  Introduction to Drama is available for campers entering grades 3-5 while Acting classes are available to campers entering grades 6-9. We also have specific types of drama classes that are offered to different grades levels.  Classes that will perform in the final performance are noted in the descriptions.   

Music & Arts classes are the focus of this camp. Recreation Classes are designed to give campers a chance to be active during their morning of classes, however, since Music & Arts is the focus of camp, campers should limit their selection in this category to one class. Yoga classes are offered to all age groups.

*All Recreation Classes except Yoga will be held outside and will only be moved inside in the event of rain.



WHAT DO I NEED FOR CAMP? - Some classes will require that students have certain items such as lesson books, shoes, smocks, etc.  In an effort to get this information out to parents earlier than the first day of camp a page will be posted on this website in May noting items needed for certain classes.  Teachers will continue to discuss supplies needed on the first day of camp and will not require students to have them until the 3rd day of camp.  If a major item is needed such as an instrument, it will be listed in the class description.

PERFORMANCE NOTE - Not all classes will perform in the Final Performance.  Please CLICK HERE to see what classes are scheduled to perform in this summer's final performance.

SCHEDULING NOTE (Grade 3) - Click on Grade 3 on the sidebar under Class Descriptions to see what classes are offered to students entering 3rd grade in September 2019.  When registering your child online you will pick a first and second choice from each category.  See sample online registration form on Grade 3 page.

SCHEDULING NOTE (Grade 4-9) - Click on the grade your child is entering in September 2019 on the sidebar under Class Descriptions to see what classes are offered for students in that grade.  When registering online you will pick from a list of classes that are offered each period and then will be able to list alternate classes.  Sample registration pages are located on page for each grade. Reminder, students may only take 2 art classes; art classes and large group ensembles are double periods.