WPCA Policies and Procedures

The Engineering Division acts as liaison to the Water Pollution Control Authority (WPCA) relative to all new sewer connections and development related approvals.  Additional information relative to the WPCA, including meeting minutes and agendas, can be found by clicking here.


Subdivision and Special Permit Application Procedures 

All new developments including subdivisions, special permit applications, planned area developments, and property redevelopments must be approved by the Water Pollution Control Authority (WPCA) relative to the disposal of sewage.  Where onsite septic systems are proposed, the WPCA must review the need for the design and/or construction of capped sewers to facilitate future sewer construction relative to the master sewer plan.  WPCA procedures related to the application process for these items can be found below.

WPCA Special Permit Application Procedures

WPCA Subdivision Application Procedures

WPCA Capped Sewer Policy and Procedure

WPCA Capped Sewer Waiver Guidelines


Sewer Impact Reports

It is the responsibility of the Water Pollution Control Authority (WPCA) to see that an overloaded condition does not result in the sanitary sewer lines, pumping stations, and treatment plant. Therefore, the WPCA has determined the need to analyze further impact on the sanitary sewer system that results from a proposed development.

The WPCA may require the applicant(s) of any proposed development, where the average daily sewage flow to be generated is 3,000 or more gallons per day (including infiltration), to submit a sanitary sewer impact report. If the average daily flow is less than 3,000 gallons per day (including infiltration), the applicant(s) shall submit written confirmation of such flows to the WPCA for review and approval.

Guidelines for  flow computations can be found in the document below.

Sewer Impact Report Policy and Procedures


Assessment of Benefits

All new sewer connections will require an assessment of benefits be paid to the WPCA to cover an appropriate part of the cost of the main sewer construction and maintenance.  Building additions and property redevelopments for parcels that are connected to the sewer will require a supplemental assessment of benefits.  Assessments of benefits are computed based on a three tier method, that includes the front foot unit charge, unit assessment charge,  and outlet unit charge.  A full description of the policy and procedure governing sewer assessments can be found in the document below.

Assessment of Benefits Policy and Procedure


Sewer Lateral Installation Policy

The WPCA will cover the costs for new sewer lateral under certain circumstances.  The policy governing this item is included below.

Sewer Lateral Installation Policy