Townwide Fiber Optic Project

Overview and Current Status


The Town-wide Fiber Optic Project is a multi-phase project to connect the majority of the town buildings together with fiber optic cabling for network, video, and voice communications.  Phase one of the project includes connections from the town hall facility to the Library, Police Department, and the Riverfront Community Center.  This phase was completed in 2006.

Phase two  includes connections to all nine public schools, the Glastonbury-East Hartford Magnet School, and twelve other town facilities.  The project is more than 99% complete with connections to all but one school and one Library completed.  For a complete status see the table below.


Location Status
Buttonball School Complete
Eastbury School Complete
Gideon Welles School Complete
Glastonbury High School Complete
Hebron Ave School Complete
Hopewell School Complete
Magnet School Complete
Nayaug School Complete
Naubuc School Complete
Smith Middle School Complete
Bus Yard Complete
Bulky Waste Complete
East Glastonbury Library Complete
Fire Company 1 Complete
Fire Company 2 Complete
Fire Company 3 Complete
Fire Company 4 Complete
Parks Maintenance Facility Complete
Police Department Complete
Police Department Annex Complete
Riverfront Community Center Complete
South Glastonbury Library Complete
Vehicle Maintenance/Highway Garage Complete
Welles Turner Library Complete
Youth & Family Complete
 Riverfront Boathouse  Complete
 Transfer Station  Complete
 Water Pollution Control Plant  Complete
 Facilities Barn  Complete
 Housing Authority - Welles Village  Complete
 Housing Authority - Herbert Clark House  Complete
 Housing Authority - Village Green  In Process
 Housing Authority - Center Village  In Process