Property Tax & Renters' Tax Relief Programs

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The Social Work staff of Senior and Social Services assist with the applications for the following programs available to help eligible seniors and disabled residents lower their tax bills. For current eligibility criteria, please follow the individual links listed below. Home Visits may be arranged for those unable to come to the office. Application time frames are advertised in local newspapers and the Sharing Tree newsletter.

State and Local Tax Relief Programs

The Assessor’s Office for the Town of Glastonbury administers the local and state Tax Relief Programs for Glastonbury residents who are over age 65 or disabled. Applications are mailed to those already on the program. Persons on the program must re-apply every two years (Documentation needed). Applications are also available at the Senior and Social Services office at the Riverfront Community Center. Assistance with completing the applications may be obtained by calling (860) 652-7638 and asking for an appointment for Tax Relief. For more information regarding these programs, please follow the link to the Assessor’s Office.

The Veterans’ Tax Relief Program

This program provides assistance to veterans with their property taxes - house and/or automobile. Applications for this program are handled in the same manner as the State and Local Tax Programs, except that the deadline for applications runs until October 1st.  For more information, follow the link to the Assessor’s Office.

Tax Deferral Program

In the fiscal year 2007/2008, the Town of Glastonbury began offering a Tax Deferral Program. Certain individuals may opt to defer payment of their taxes, with some interest, until a later date or when the property is sold. For more information, please call the Assessor’s Office, (860) 652-7600.

Renter’s Tax Relief Program (otherwise known as Renter’s Rebate)

The State of Connecticut also offers a tax relief program for renters, recognizing that rents may be set relative to taxes paid by the landlord. Applications are done on-line, by appointment, at the Senior and Social Services office in the Riverfront Community Center (Documentation needed). Home visits may be arranged if necessary. For more information on this program and the application period, please follow the link to the State of Connecticut Office of Policy and Management, OPM.