Dial A Ride (Senior & Disabled Transportation)

COVID-19 Update - 3/30/2020

For the health and safety of drivers and passengers, all Dial-A-Ride services have been SUSPENDED as of 3/27. Exceptions may be made on a case by case basis.  Residents age 70+ or with a disability, please click here for assistance with grocery shopping and other household chores/tasks

You may also contact Senior Services for assistance or visit our Streets and Transportation page for alternative ride options in the local area. Uber and similar ride services may still be available as well. We apologize for any inconvenience.

The Riverfront Community Center is closed to the public and all other trips and senior/social services programming have been cancelled until further notice.  Please contact Senior Services by telephone or email with questions. Updates will be posted as applicable.  Please visit www.glastonbury-ct.gov/covid19 for a complete list of town changes during this pandemic.

Town of Glastonbury Dial-a-Ride Policies & Procedures.  

The Dial-A-Ride Transportation Program is administered and operated by the Town of Glastonbury Human Services Department. This program is a local, in-town transit service for eligible residents who are without other means of necessary daytime travel. The program operates according to defined policies and procedures which permit it to serve as many people as possible in a fair, efficient and effective manner without regard to race, creed, religion, nationality or personal favoritism. There is no fee for this service and the policies and procedures regarding its use are outlined below.  You can also view and/or print this information from the Dial-A-Ride Brochure.

Individuals using the Glastonbury Dial-A-Ride services should refer to the following policies and procedures:

  • Prior to using the service, all new riders are required to fill out an Application and emergency contact information form and obtain approval by the program supervisor.
  • All riders are required to update their emergency contact information on an annual basis during the month of January. (Forms may be obtained from the Senior Services Department at the Riverfront Community Center located at 300 Welles Street)

Guidelines may change as needs/issues arise.  Riders will be informed of such changes through the Sharing Tree newsletter or through the town website.  Dial-A-Ride Services may be suspended or terminated at any time due to failure to comply with stated policies or an identified safety concern for a rider.

Who is Eligible to use the Glastonbury Dial-A-Ride Service? 

  • Glastonbury residents, age 60 or older.
  • Glastonbury residents over the age of 18 who have certification of a medical disability that is permanently and/or completely disabling.  Persons under the age of 60 with medical restrictions must apply for a disabled rider’s card. Applications for disabled riders can be obtained from Senior Services or have Application for Disabled Riders completed and mailed to Senior Services.  The application must be completed by the applicant and their physician, and returned to Senior Services at 300 Welles Street, Glastonbury, CT 06033.

Rules of Use

  • Passengers are prohibited from eating or drinking on the vehicles.
  • Able-bodied riders who are in complete control of their faculties will be allowed to use Dial-A-Ride unattended. Those not sufficiently alert and ambulatory MUST be accompanied by an attendant. 
  • Riders who use assistive devices and/or wheelchairs must be able to get onto and off of the vehicle lifts/ramps without the assistance of the drivers.
  • Passengers who have difficulty utilizing the vehicle's stairs may board via the lift once approved by the supervisor of Dial-A-Ride in consultation with the driver.  (In some instances, a passenger may be required to obtain clearance from a medical professional to utilize the lift).
  • Service may be denied if a passenger is determined to be extremely confused or frail, raising serious concerns about the passenger’s safety.
  • Inappropriate actions including, but not limited to, intoxication, smoking in vehicles, abusive language and aggressive behavior toward the drivers will not be tolerated and can result in penalties/denial of services.
  • Passengers are expected to maintain basic standards of hygiene.  If a severe problem is noted, Human Services Social Work staff will be notified and in some instances, suspension of services may be required.

When is Dial-A-Ride Available?

The Glastonbury Dial-A-Ride Service is available as follows:

  • Monday through Friday from 8:45 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. with the exception of town holidays, and closings due to inclement weather. (When Glastonbury schools are closed, Dial-A-Ride does not operate).

  • Tuesday & Thursday evenings  from 4:45 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

  • Saturdays from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. 

Please keep in mind that return trips must be scheduled at least 30 minutes prior to the end of the day's schedule.  

What is the Service Area for Dial-A-Ride?

The Glastonbury Dial-A-Ride service provides daily transportation for eligible residents to and from destinations within the town of Glastonbury.  Trips for shopping & recreational purposes are routinely scheduled by Senior Services to destinations outside of Glastonbury. The Dial-A-Ride service does not provide transportation to medical appointments outside of Glastonbury.

Please Note: Glastonbury Dial-A-Ride service does not transport residents of Nursing/Convalescent Homes.

What is the Fare Policy?

There is no fee for Dial-A-Ride services to any destination in town, or to the Putnam Bridge Plaza.   Transportation fees are assessed for out of town trips based on round-trip mileage.


How are Trips Prioritized?

Requests for all types of trips will be scheduled on a priority basis as follows:

  • 1st priority:  Medical appointments
  • 2nd priority: RCC/Senior Center activities
  • 3rd priority: Senior Center trips

All other destinations are scheduled thereafter based upon the needs of the program. 

What are the Reservation/Cancellation Procedures?

To request a ride for daytime transportation, you must call (860) 652-7643 between 8:00 am and 11:00 am one business day PRIOR TO the day your ride is required for any reservation.  For evening transportation, please call the day of your requested trip before 11:00 am. Requests made after 11:00 a.m. will NOT be accepted.  Please provide the following information when making a reservation:

  •  Full Name of Rider

  •  Rider’s Address

  •  Rider’s Telephone Number

  •  Desired Pick Up Time

  •  Destination

  •  Time of specific appointment

  •  If doctor’s appointment, give Dr’s name & telephone number

  • Desired Return pick up Time

Every effort will be made to accommodate your request.  There are, however, times when resources are limited (i.e. vehicle breakdown, driver illness, inclement weather, high volume of ride requests, etc.).  If the times requested cannot be accommodated in the schedule, you will be notified.  The rider can then either accept a revised time if one is available or cancel the request and make other arrangements.

The number to call for a cancellation is 860-652-7638.  Riders are responsible for calling as soon as possible to cancel pick up or return trips.  Riders who frequently forget to cancel reservations may be subject to a penalty/suspension of rides.

Special Conditions for Service:

All passengers are required by law to use seat belts. There is no exception to this rule.  

Driveways must be passable and safe if the rider is to be picked up at the door. Drivers cannot back into, or out of driveways. (In some cases we may determine a need to do a visual assessment of a pick-up location prior to transporting an individual to ensure that safe access is possible).

The driver will drop off riders as close to their destination as safely possible. Drivers are not required, nor should they be expected to search for riders.  Riders MUST be ready at least 10 minutes ahead of the scheduled time. Only 2 destinations per person/per day.  Drivers are NOT allowed to make stops that are not on their schedule. 

Dial-A-Ride is a curbside service or a “door-to-door” service, provided a driver can safely turn around in a driveway. While the drivers may assist passengers getting in and out of the vehicle by offering their hand to hold, they are not allowed to assist passengers beyond that point.  If you need assistance because you walk unsteadily or are in a wheelchair, you must provide your own escort.  The escort must be identified as a rider when the reservation is made.  

Inclement Weather?

Dial-A-Ride service will be cancelled when road conditions are, or may become, too difficult or hazardous for safe operation of a vehicle.  Riders should watch WFSB on TV for cancellation notices or call (860) 652-7638. If the Glastonbury Schools are closed, Dial-A-Ride is cancelled.  On days that the Dial-A-Ride service is cancelled, reservations for the next day can be made in the usual manner.

 Are Pets allowed on Dial-A-Ride?

Service Animals (such as guide dogs) will be permitted on the vehicle. Other animals are allowed to be transported on Dial-A-Ride provided they are in a standard lap size pet carrier and can be transported/carried securely by the owner without assistance from the driver.

Limits for Carry-on bags?

In an effort to ensure a safe environment and to accommodate as many individuals as possible on shopping days, there is a limit of 6 paper or plastic grocery store bags (or 4 reusable bags) per person per shopping trip.  Drivers are NOT responsible for carrying or delivering groceries and/or other baggage.  Drivers will not carry bags further than curbside & grocery bags should be of reasonable weight.

What is the Weekly Grocery Shopping Schedule?

The following schedule will apply:  Pick-Up Time – 10:00 am       Return Time – 12:00 pm 

  • For residents who live north of Hebron Avenue (Zone A)

Mondays         Stop & Shop   (Glastonbury Blvd.)  

1st & 3rd Tuesdays of the month:        Shop Rite 

  • For residents who live south of Hebron Avenue (Zone B)

Thursdays       Stop & Shop (Oak Street)

2nd & 4th Tuesdays of the month:     Shop Rite 

Please consult the Sharing Tree for trips to Shop Rite in months with 5 Tuesdays.

Shopping trips to local malls and shopping centers outside of Glastonbury are scheduled routinely and published in the Sharing Tree.

How can I give Customer Feedback?

Riders with compliments, problems or suggestions may write the Department of Senior Services at 300 Welles St., Glastonbury, CT 06033 or call (860) 652-7638 or (860) 652-7646.

Drivers are NOT permitted to accept monetary, gifts, tips or gratuities, according to Town personnel policy. Written commendations for exceptional service are encouraged in lieu of tipping or gifts. Monetary donations may be submitted directly to the Senior Services Department and will be used to benefit the Dial-A-Ride program.



RESERVATIONS: (860) 652-7643


Please Note:  If any of these policies pose a significant hardship for a rider please contact us and we will make an effort to accommodate your needs. 

 The information on this page can also be viewed and/or printed in the Dial-A-Ride Brochure.