Mailbox and Sprinkler System Repair Policy

Mailbox Damage Repair Policy 

Each year, numerous mailboxes fall victim to winter’s forces. Town policy calls for Highway crews to either replace the mailbox or provide a $25.00 compensation to the owner if the damage was caused by DIRECT CONTACT by a Town plow. Not covered under this policy are mailboxes that are damaged simply from the weight of snow pushed against them. Mailbox posts must be strong enough to resist this force. The formal Town Council policy resolution is as follows:

WHEREAS, During the winter months, on occasion, mailboxes become damaged or broken as a result of snow being thrown against them by Town Highway Dept. snow plows during snow removal; and

WHEREAS, On occasion, mailboxes are damaged by actually being struck by Town Highway Dept. snow plows;
NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That the Glastonbury Town Council establishes this Policy Resolution concerning mailboxes:

a) Residents and taxpayers are advised of the importance of proper placement and anchoring of their mailboxes and posts so that damage to the boxes does not result from winter snow removal operations.

b) All mailboxes should be securely fastened to a sturdy post which is sufficiently anchored in the ground to resist the impact of plowed snow.

c) No part of the mailbox or post may be closer than ten (10) inches from the face of curb or edge of pavement to prevent contact by the snow plow.

d) In the event a mailbox or post is physically struck by the Town Highway Dept. snow plow, it will be repaired or replaced only if the mailbox is not closer than ten (10) inches from the face of the curb or edge of pavement as provided in Paragraph C above. The repair or replacement by the Highway Dept. will be with a standard Post Office -approved mailbox and/or a five (5) inch round fence post.

e) No mailbox or post will be repaired or replaced if damage was caused by the force of snow thrown by plows.

f) The Town Engineer/Manager of Physical Services, or a designated representative, will promptly investigate all reports and will advise the resident or taxpayer of the decision to repair or replace the mailbox and/or post.

Alternative to Repairs:

  • In the event a homeowner does not want a replacement with a standard mailbox and post, a payment may be made to the homeowner equal to the cost of replacement of a standard mailbox and post. 

The Town Manager is authorized to interpret this Policy and make reasonable decisions in order to equitably resolve unique situations.

Click here for an Adobe PDF drawing depicting the installation requirements for mailboxes in the Town of Glastonbury, which can also be found in the Standard Details located on the Engineering Division Forms and Documents web page.

If the policy above did not answer your question regarding plow damage on or near your property, please call the Highway Department to discuss in more detail at (860) 652-7749.

Sprinkler System Policy

Lawn sprinkler systems are sometimes damaged during snow plowing and road paving operations. Sprinkler system installations within the Town-owned right-of-way are allowed provided proper permits are obtained. However, as a condition of granting said permit, the Town requires owner signature of a “Release of Claim” that indemnifies the Town from liability for damage that may occur within the Town right-of-way.

Click here to download The Release of Claim form.