Permits and Reports


Until further notice, all permit processes will be coordinated by appointment only. Town Hall is closed to the public and will not accommodate walk ins.  Please contact Christopher Siwy at 860-652-7526 or with Fire Marshal related permit inquiries.



Property owners may apply for a open burning permit to be used on their property. Applications for open burning are available here or in the Fire Marshal’s Office during normal business hours and cost twenty-five dollars.  They are valid for one year.  Open burning shall be permitted for the following reasons:

  • Brush that contains bona fide disease
  • Burning garden cleanings (No Leaves)
  • Agricultural burning for vegetation management
  • Open burning shall be permitted ONLY during the period of September 15 through June 15.
  • Open burning shall be banned during extreme or high fire danger and during air quality alerts.

An open burning permit is NOT required for:

  • Barbecue fires solely for the cooking of food for human consumption. 
  • Campfires for ceremonial or recreational purposes which are no greater than 4 feet in diameter.


Click here for application.  Application must be returned with payment via U.S. mail or in person.


You must be a blaster licensed by the State Department of Public Safety to apply for a blasting permit. Permits are issued for the removal of rock and ledge for construction purposes. Blasting permits are available in the Fire Marshal’s office during normal business hours. The cost of blasting permits is thirty dollars. Applicants must comply with all Federal, State and local requirements.


The Fire Marshal’s Office processes all incident/investigation reports for the Fire Department. Any individual needing a copy of such reports may request a copy from this office.