Task Force 57

The Glastonbury Fire Department is a member of the State of Connecticut's Task Force 57.  Task Force 57 serves as a resource to the Statewide Fire-Rescue Disaster Response Plan and is used by the Statewide Fire Service Disaster Response Plan to respond to emergency incidents.

This task force can be requested by any local Incident Commander or the State Emergency Operations Center through the appropriate coordinators of the Statewide or Regional Plans. The task force has a single designated Task Force # 57 Leader (and command staff) and a single on-scene radio communications capability. This task force is not an identified resource to any Local Mutual Aid Plan.

The Task Force will not be split into single resources. The task Force will operate as:

An independent Command structure at an incident.

A Branch under a local Command at an incident.

A town-wide or area-wide coverage from a single location.

The task force consists of three Engine Companies, two Ladder Companies, one Rescue Company and a Command Car. The participating fire departments are Colchester Fire, Glastonbury Fire, Manchester Eighth District Fire, Manchester Fire Rescue EMS, Marlborough Fire, and South Windsor Fire.

Specific apparatus have been designated as the Task Force. There are also specific apparatus designed as back-up apparatus. Each participating department may also modify the responding apparatus at the time of the activation by local order.

The Engine Companies are a minimum 1000 GPM Pumpers. The Ladder Company is a minimum 100 foot aerial. The Rescue Company is Heavy Duty capable. There will be four members assigned to each apparatus. There will be one or two assigned to the Command Car.



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