Insurance Claims

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The Town’s Director of Finance works with the Insurance Advisory Committee, the Town’s Agent of Record, the Town’s insurance carriers and the Town Manager in the administration of the Town’s property, casualty and liability insurance program. The program consists of:
Selection of the Agent of Record
Selection of Insurance carriers
Selection of Insurance Coverage and Deductible Levels
Review of Property, Vehicle and Equipment Schedule
Review and approval of invoices for premiums
Review outstanding claims
Coordination with both claimants and insurance carriers
Questions regarding the Town’s automobile, casualty and property insurance coverage may be directed to Diane Waldron, Director of Finance and Administrative Services at 860-652-7586

Mailbox Claims

Mail Box claims and repairs are handled by the Highway Division.  Please see the Mailbox and Sprinkler System Repair Policy page for more information.

Streets and Roads Claims

If you believe your vehicle was damaged while traveling on a Glastonbury street or road you may file a claim in the Town Clerk's office in accordance with CT General Statute Section 13a-149.

Liability, Automobile and Property Claims

The Town makes every effort to ensure the safety of all residents.  Occasionally, an incident may occur where the Town needs to be contacted for remedial action.  To submit a claim to the Town, complete a Loss Notice Report and send it to Town Of Glastonbury, Attn:  Financial Administration, PO Box 6523, Glatonbury, CT 06033-6523.