Capital Project Management

The Facilities Maintenance Department is responsible for management of most of the capital building projects for both the Town and the Glastonbury Public Schools. Here's a sample of some of our recent projects:

Smith Middle School Chiller Replacement

This project is up and running! The new chillers have undergone a successful startup and prove out period. The digital controls installed as part of the project are controlling all facets of chiller operations.  Additional energy saving features include upgraded controls in the air handling units and high efficiency pumps with variable speed drives. These allow the system to use only the power necessary to meet the building chilling needs.

Solar Panel Installations

Photovoltaic panel systems have been installed by our solar partner, Solar City, for the Parks Maintenance Garage on New London Turnpike; the Bus Yard on Oakwood Drive; Hebron Avenue, and Nayaug Schools. An application is also pending for Smith Middle School. The Power Purchase Agreements for these facilities are in place with installation expected to start over the winter. These new systems augment those already installed at Town Hall, Highway Garage, Fire Company #2, and Glastonbury High School. When complete, the savings from these systems may total over $100,000 per year!