Traffic Counting Program

The Engineering Division performs traffic counts on a regular basis on most Town streets to monitor traffic volumes and to help understand how growth of the Town is affecting traffic patterns. 

Click here to download the Average Daily Traffic (ADT) Summary Report for 2016.

Click here to download the 2016 ADT Map.

The frequency of traffic counts performed by the Town is based on the street classification described in the table below.

Street Classification 

Traffic Volume (veh/day) 

Traffic Count Frequency

Arterial greater than 3,000  Every 2 years
Collector 1,500 to 3,000  Every 2 years
Local     500 to 1,500  Every 5 years
Light Local 200 to 500  as needed
Limited Local    0 to 200  as needed*

* Note that traffic counts are not performed on streets with less than 10 residences due to the very low traffic volumes. 

Please contact the Engineering Division Survey Technician Sean Perry at (860) 652-7845 or at with any questions regarding the Traffic Count data shown or for more detailed information about specific traffic counts that have been conducted.