The Town of Glastonbury began planning for future traffic, roadway and associated street aesthetics (often referred to as “streetscape”) in conjunction with the publishing of the Plan of Conservation and Development.  The final report titled "Envisioning Town Center 2027" documents the inventory, analysis and recommendations of a comprehensive study of traffic and streetscape conditions for the Glastonbury Town Center.  The Final Report was published in March of 2008, and can be downloaded using the following link:

Final Report March 2008 - 10 MB PDF File

From a transportation standpoint:
• The study focuses on four major corridors within the Study Area –
Main Street, Hebron Avenue, New London Turnpike, and Griswold Street.
Nineteen intersections along these corridor roadways were reviewed for
capacity and safety issues.
• Projections of future traffic conditions were developed based on
anticipated, background annual growth and expected new development.
• Traffic was then assigned to the roadway network and the subject
roadways/intersections were re-examined for Levels of Service.
• 2027 target traffic operating conditions were defined by roadway
classification and development district – Residential, Mixed-use,
Town Center, and Commercial.
• Preliminary intersection and roadway improvements were developed
to achieve 2027 target operations.

Regarding streetscape issues:
• Two Study Area corridors, Main Street and Hebron Avenue, were inventoried for: 
    1. Typical sections showing roadway and adjacent development 
    2. Representative lighting and signage 
    3. Walks and curbing 
    4. Street furnishings 
    5. Landscaping and trees 
    6. Crosswalks and traffic calming measures

• Proposed attributes for each corridor were keyed to specific streetscape design
recommendations - lighting, furniture, walks, parking buffers, curbing and
mid-block crossings.