Putnam Bridge Trail Feasibility Study

The Putnam Bridge Multi-Modal Trail Feasibility Study was completed by the Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT) working in cooperation with an Advisory Committee comprised of local and regional stakeholders. Each phase of the study and the development of alternatives and recommendations was informed by stakeholder and public input through Advisory Committee meetings, agency coordination meetings, and a public information meeting conducted in June 2013. Study information was regularly updated and disseminated to the general public through CTDOT’s website.

The full study (20 MB PDF) can be viewed using the link below:

Putnam Bridge Trail Study

Overview of Study:
In early 2013 construction began on the Route 3 Putnam Bridge rehabilitation project. Once complete, the project will provide a new walkway on the northbound side of the bridge to accommodate future bicycle and pedestrian travel in the Route 3 corridor. Because the scope of the rehabilitation project does not provide access to the new walkway from either end of the bridge, additional planning, design, and funding is required to provide this access in the future.

The purpose of the Putnam Bridge Multimodal Trail Connections Feasibility Study is to advance the planning work for this future bicycle and pedestrian access to the bridge and to evaluate how new multimodal/shared use path connections can be accommodated from the walkway to the network of existing and planned multimodal transportation and recreational facilities in Wethersfield and Glastonbury.

The findings and recommendations of this study are intended to provide a basis for subsequent design and implementation of the shared use path connections to the walkway.