Sanitary Sewers

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The Town of Glastonbury owns and operates the public sanitary sewer system in Town under the direction of the Water Pollution Control Authority (WPCA).  Sanitary sewer service is currently provided to certain areas of Town as noted below under Sanitary Sewer Service Availability item listed below. 

Extensions of the sewer system, new sewer connections, and alterations of existing sewer connections are subject to review and approval of the WPCA.  Current WPCA Policies relative to subdivision and special permit application procedures, sewer impact studies, sewer assessments of benefits, and capped sewer design and construction policies can be found under the WPCA Policies and Procedures section of the Engineering Division website. 

Sewer use billing is handled by the Department of Sanitation, Water Pollution Control Division, and information is available under that Division's web page.

Sanitary Sewer Service Availability

The extent of the sanitary sewer system in Town is shown on the Sanitary Sewer Service Area map located in the Maps section of the Engineering Division Website. This information is also available on the Town’s GIS web site as described below.  

Type in the street name and property address for the property in question under the “Search” tab on the right side of the screen, the “Results” tab will then shown information on file regarding the subject property and the map will zoom to the property in question. To view information regarding sewers in the area surrounding the property, select the “Layers” tab, and then click the check box next to “Water and Sewer”. Sewers will be shown in brown (storm drainage systems will also be shown in green). Clicking on the “Infrastructure” layer checkbox is often helpful as well in order to show the location of streets, parking lots, buildings, etc.

Property Owner Responsibilities for Sewer Lateral Backups

Property owners are responsible for cleaning or routing of the sanitary sewer lateral between the house and the sewer main in the street in the event of a sewer backup. If routing has been completed to the sewer main and the problem has not been resolved, then the Engineering Division should be contacted at (860) 652-7735 for further assistance. Please refer to the Town of Glastonbury Code of Ordinances, Section 19-194 (Chapter 19, Article II, Division 11) for information as to the responsibilities and procedures for repairs of sewer laterals, which may be accessed on-line at

Locating Existing Building Sewer (Lateral) Connections

The location of existing building sewer connections, or sewer laterals, is available on the "Sewer Lateral Tie Card", a copy of which can be obtained from the Engineering Division Office. This information is also available on the Town’s GIS web site. Upon performing a search for a property by street name and address, the sewer tie card will be listed as a link under the “Hyperlink” section of the “Results” tab if the property is connected to the Town sanitary sewer.