Sanitary Sewer Permits

Sanitary Sewer Permits are required for all activities performed on the sanitary sewer system whether located within town owned property or within private property. These activities include the installation or repair of a private sanitary sewer house connection, street sewer, sewer trunk line, or any other activity involving the sanitary sewer system. 

All contractors working on any portion of the sanitary sewer system, including sewer laterals, must have a town-issued Right-of-Way License, which requires a $5,000 bond and certificate of insurance.  See the "Permit Requirements" page for additional details.

Sewer permits are issued only to Contractors licensed by the State of Connecticut for this type of work and not to individual property owners. Applicable state licenses include a P-1 Unlimited Plumbing / Piping License, W-9 Limited Plumbing-Piping Contractor’s license, and P-7 Contractor-Limited to water, sewer, and storm lines. Permits are issued in the Engineering Division Office for a charge of $35.00. 

Work performed on the sanitary sewer system without a Permit is in violation of the Code of Ordinances.

Any questions regarding the requirements or issuance of Sanitary Sewer Permits can be answered by calling the Engineering Division Office at 652-7735.