Driveway installations within the Town right-of-way require a right-of-way permit. Such installations must meet the requirements described in Town Code of Ordinances Section 17-151 through 160 and as shown in the Standard Details included in the Forms and Documents section of the Engineering Division Website

Some of the important considerations for driveways described in the Code of Ordinances are as follows:

  • Driveways shall not be constructed within four feet of a crosswalk;
  • Two driveways shall be not constructed closer together than eight feet at the gutter line;
  • Driveways shall not be constructed within twenty feet of a street intersection;
  • Culverts for driveways shall be installed as required to accommodate existing drainage patterns in the area. Such culverts shall be privately owned and maintained.

Prior approval from the Town Manager is required for installation of residential driveways wider than twelve (12) feet or commercial driveways wider than thirty (30) feet. Requests for driveways exceeding the allowable width must be made in writing to the Engineering Division, including reasons that the additional width is necessary as well as a sketch to describe the proposed driveway configuration for consideration and referral to the Town Manager.