Tryon Street Storm Drainage Improvements

This project will rectify significant drainage problems in the vicinity of the Dug Road/Tryon Street intersection. The proposal calls for capture and conveyance of stormwater to wetlands adjacent to the Connecticut River. Environmental permits from State and Federal regulatory agencies are expected shortly. Informal discussions with the local Inland-Wetlands Commission have also taken place. Pending issuance of formal permits from all agencies, initiation of construction would be expected in the late fall of 2013.

January 2015 Update: Phase 1 of this project was completed by a contractor in March of 2014, and included a 550 foot-long section of the drainage system between the Connecticut River and a wetland area located in the adjacent floodplain.  Phase 2 includes a 1,200 foot-long portion of the drainage system between the floodplain wetland area and the Tryon Street / Dug Road intersection.  The Town Highway Department began work on Phase 2 in October of 2014 and has made significant progress.  Completion of this phase is expected in 2015. 

January 2016 Update:  Phase 2 of this project was completed by the Town Highway Department in the fall of 2015.  This included all drainage improvements within the intersection of Tryon Street and Dug Road and associated piping to the discharge point in the CT River Flood Plain.  Phase 3 work on this project, which involves drainage swale improvements along a portion of Dug Road and installation of a stormwater infiltration basin in this area, will be completed by the Highway Department when resources are available.

January 2018 Update:  Phase 3 work is anticipated to be completed in 2018.  The scope of the drainage improvements on Dug Road is being reviewed by the Engineering Division for consideration of extending the enclosed drainage system along Dug Road from the Tryon Street intersection.