Use of Computer Systems for Emergency Management

 In recent years, our equipment has changed from analog technology using dials, switches and crystals to digital technology using computer software programming. The Emergency Management Department has the appropriate skills to program the latest equipment such as frequency scanners, radio receivers and transmitters, the 1570 AM Radio Station digital programmers, and weather stations.

We also have trained personnel to use specialized computer programs such as HURREVAC and DMIS (Disaster Management Interoperability Service). HURREVAC is a restricted-use computer program used by emergency managers since 1988 to track hurricanes and assist in decision-making for their communities. The DMIS Program is a web service that provides emergency managers and other responders with communication tools that allow them to share information with other organizations. These groups receive and transmit information over the web, enabling them to rapidly develop and exchange incident information. This capability of sharing incident information provides greater knowledge of a particular disaster event. The DMIS Program is being replaced in Connecticut by WEB EOC, a newer program which is more user friendly.

The Emergency Management Department has created computed programs to log incident statistics, log member activity and log equipment inspections records.

Emergency Management personnel also have the skills to set up our specialized equipment and integrate with our associated computers. We are currently installing our new weather station which utilizes computer logging.

This Department also has access to the emergency control dispatch information.