Public Alerting

Disaster Information Telephone: (860) 652-7578

The Glastonbury Emergency Management has operated a Disaster Information Telephone System at (860) 652-7578 for the past 30+ years. During emergency situations, this telephone bank is answered by trained personnel so that citizens may receive current information relative to the major emergency situation(s) in Glastonbury.

Alert Sirens
Alert Siren
For over 42 years, Glastonbury’s Emergency Management/Civil Preparedness Department has tested and operated the towns Public Alerting System. Presently, there are 4 state-of-the art sirens located at Fire Stations within town. In addition to alerting fire personnel, these systems are capable of sounding warning signals to alert the public of an Emergency. If you are alerted by one of these sirens, tune to Glastonbury’s Emergency Radio System, located at 1570 AM for further instructions. Additionally, the Public Address function can be used to provide audible directions or information. For example, during a prolonged power outage, the Public Address System may be activated to inform you of resources available in town such as food, water, or shelter.

The ALERT/ATTENTION Signal is a 3-to 5-minute steady blast on sirens. This signal means to turn on your radio or television (see later section on EAS Radios) and stay tuned for news and information. It shall be used:
1. To get public attention in times of emergencies; and
2. To alert all emergency management personnel and volunteers that they may be called to emergency operations/response duty.

The ATTACK WARNING Signal is a 3-to 5-minute wavering sound on the sirens,. This signal shall mean that an actual attack against the country has been detected and that protective actions should be taken immediately. The attack warning signal shall be repeated as often as indicated by the National Warning System or as deemed necessary by the CEO or the Emergency Management Director. The meaning of this signal is that "immediate protective action should be taken" and is appropriate for the initial attack warning and any repeats thereafter.

NOAA Alert Radios

Emergency Management assists all schools in Glastonbury with the operation and calibration of the Weather Alert Monitors provided by the U.S. Weather Service Emergency Management assists all schools in Glastonbury with the operation and calibration of the Weather Alert Monitors provided by the U.S. Weather Service.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) maintains a nationwide network of radio stations broadcasting continuous weather and all hazards information. This information is broadcast 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. NOAA Weather Radio NOAA Weather Radio Logo

A primary use of the radios will be to alert school staffing of impending weather warnings so they may take immediate action to protect the students. However, the radios are also capable of broadcasting information for: 

EM Staff Programming Radio at Nayaug School• Natural events (e.g., tornado, hurricane, floods, earthquakes)
• Technological accidents (e.g., chemical release, oil spill, nuclear power plant  
  emergencies, maritime accidents, train derailments)
• AMBER alerts
• Terrorist attacks
• Non-weather emergencies


Everbridge® uses a patented combination of database and GIS mapping technologies to deliver notifications. Authorized agencies can quickly target a precise geographic area and saturate it with thousands of calls per hour. The system's interactive technology provides immediate interaction with recipients and affords the recipients with information germane to the emergency event.

The Town of Glastonbury is currently installing an Everbridge® System for use by the Public Safety Departments. Emergency Management plans to use this system to alert the affected areas in disaster and emergency situations and provide detailed instructions and messages.

WPII600 (1570 AM) Radio Station

Glastonbury’s Public Safety Radio Station WPII600 (1570 am) was installed in 1993. This was the 1st town operated radio station in the State of Connecticut. Even now, there are only two other like systems.

The system was founded by Robert DiBella, Glastonbury’s Director of Emergency Management. Director DiBella is the station engineer, and it is programmed and operated by Mike Roberts and John Walton. Recently, a state of the art upgrade was performed to enhance the capabilities of the system with digital capacity and remote access.

In times of emergency, when power is out and normal communications are not functioning (e.g. telephone, cell phone, powered radio and television) this system becomes a must for a citizen to receive updated information for lifesaving purposes, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Constant upgrades are being made to the system for enhanced communications to the public. The station has back up system power to keep the station in operation during power outages. Remember in times of power outages, you must use a car radio, battery powered or hand cranked or solar for communications, so be sure to keep one on hand.

EAS Radio System

The Emergency Alert System (EAS) has been established in cooperation with the State of Connecticut Department of Emergency Management and Homeland Security (DEMHS) and broadcasters in this state. The EAS allows local and State officials to interrupt radio and television programming with emergency information. Refer to the following EAS radio and TV stations:

Primary EAS Radio Stations
WTIC – 1080 AM 96.5 FM (Hartford)
WDRC – 1360 AM 102.9 FM (Hartford)

EAS TV Stations
WFSB – Channel 3 WVIT – Channel 30
WTNH – Channel 8 WTIC – Channel 61

State and/or local officials will provide specific instructions through the EAS.