Emergency Telecommunications

Telecommunications Van

The Emergency Management Mobile Telecommunications Van is a dispatch
center on wheels. The Van’s core is its two way radios. They can interface with the following: 

  • Any local town and city police departments, fire departments, emergency medical services and public works departments

  • Glastonbury Dial-A-Ride Vans

  • Glastonbury Board of Education School Busses

  • Military and Coast Guard

  • Connecticut Departments including Emergency Management and Homeland Security (DEMHS) and it’s various regional offices, Transportation (DOT), Environmental Protection (DEP).and Public Safety (State Police)

  • Various federal government departments

  • Family Radio Service  

  • General Radio Service

  • Amateur Radio  

  • Citizens Radio

The Van also can communicate on the interagency networks: CSPERN, RAFS, ICALL_ITAC , STOCS and Intercity. The Van provides complete interoperability in emergencies and serves as a backup to the other town radio systems.

The telecommunications van can also activate the civil defense alert and attack sirens, fire sirens, and can page key departmental personnel in town on multiple frequencies. In addition, the Telecommunications Van has a cellular telephone/fax, land-line phones, wireless internet laptops, scanners and television, structured to be used in a command situation with support personal. 

Amateur Radio

The Emergency Management/civil Preparedness Department has on staff, licensed amateur radio operators.  The department also has an amateur radio repeater, located at our headquarters, for the licensed amateur radio operators to use in conjunction with departmental operations and staff.