Community Activities

Although the Emergency Management Staff gathers at the Office-EOC to James Thomas, Commissioner CT DEMHS and Robert DiBella, Director Glastonbury Emergency Management Confer at State Capitolmonitor and assist with various storms etc., it also has a schedule which involves community activities and these are considered a 'training exercise. These include monthly and special staff meetings, training and seminar sessions with the CT Department of Emergency Management & Homeland Security (DEMHS), the Capitol Region Council of Governments (CRCOG), the Federal Government and adjacent towns.

The Point of Distribution Drills (POD) and exercises with neighboring Towns prepare for the distribution of antidotes for the populous, as well as participation in the yearly Apple Fest for interoperability purposes.

Additionally, participation in various Apple Fest Displayparades including the Memorial Day Parade, St. Patrick's Day Parade and Veteran's Day Ceremonies, as well as the Summer Music Series at our Riverfront Park and other events occurs as required. The Department also involves various Scouting Organizations and Service Organizations who can assist at various times with training in an actual localized training event such as the annual Santa’s Run as participation in the yearly Apple Fest. This provides a resource of person power to assist in the mitigation of real emergency situations.

Maintaining close contact with the CT River Valley Chamber of Commerce provides a vehicle by which the business community members will have a known point of contact for accurate information in times of major emergency situations that may impact their business operations. This involvement transcends other relationships for continued community enhancement.

As part of our community involvement the Emergency Management personnel maintain contact with the various civic organizations to keep them apprised of the latest emergency/disaster developments