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   Robert DiBella
   Emergency (Civil) Preparedness
   Phone: 860-652-7576 




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Emergency/Civil Preparedness is responsible for coordinating all governmental and private sector activities in times of man-made or natural disasters, and serves as a member of the Local Emergency Planning Committee. The office is very active in planning for manpower, equipment and community needs. This involves continual updating of information, regulations and equipment. The office conducts constant checks of materials and equipment, including the town warning sirens. It trains and re-certifies radiological monitors with emphasis on peacetime accidents involving hazardous materials. In disaster situations, the office updates information and instructions to citizens via its radio station WPII600 (1570 AM) and its disaster information telephone number (652-7578). When needed, the Office establishes and maintains shelters during disasters. Telecommunications VanEmergency Management also has a state-of-the art mobile telecommunications van equipped to function as back-up should the Town's main system fail.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Office of Emergency/Civil Preparedness is to coordinate all emergencies activities in times of man-made or natural disasters. 

Goals and Objectives

• Maintain viable Emergency Management and Homeland Security Program
• Work closely with the State Department Of Emergency Management Homeland Security (DEMHS)
• Continue NIMS & other staff training
• Implement equipment improvements and training for enhancements
• Continue monthly testing of the Town Public Warning Siren System
• Continuing involvement in the Town's telecommunications system
• Maintain up-to-date awareness in Emergency Management and Homeland Security via the Director and Staff      attending seminars and training given by Local, Regional, State, and Federal resources