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Khara Dodds, Glastonbury Director of Planning and Land Use


  Khara Dodds
  Director of Land Use & Planning Services
  (860) 652-7515
  Office Location: 3rd Floor of Town Hall
  Office Line: (860) 652-7510



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The Community Development – Planning & Environmental division provides town planning, environmental planning, development review and permitting associated with residential, commercial, industrial and governmental land use projects. Management and support services are provided to the Town Plan and Zoning Commission, the Conservation Commission/Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Agency, the Economic Development Commission and the Historic District Commission.  Our mission is to provide high quality, efficient and comprehensive services through technology, communications and professionalism to ensure continuing enhancement of the quality of life. 

To reach our Division, please call (860) 652-7510 or email

Community Development

Updated on 01/30/2015 11:10 AM


An amendment was made to the 2007-2017 Plan of Conservation & Development, effective February 26, 2012.  Under Employment Area (PLANNING AREA SIX) Policies LAND USE AND DEVELOPMENT (page 48), a new policy section has been added:  "8) Support multi-level elderly living/care facilities on lands that can provide buffering to adjacent residential districts that have commercial/industrial development limitations (i.e. wetlands, slopes, wildlife habitat)."