Town vs. State Roads

Overview of Town vs. State Roads

Glastonbury staff maintains and manages all roads and streets that fall under the Town's municipal authority however certain roads fall under the State's jurisdiction and are therefore maintained by the CT Department of Transportation (DOT). Please consult this guide to determine if your inquiry would be best addressed by Town or State authorities.

The following roads are maintained by the State:

  • Route 83 / Manchester Road 
  • Route 94 / Hebron Avenue (east of Sycamore Street from 592 Hebron Avenue to 3998 Hebron Avenue)
  • Route 17 / Main Street (Route 17,south of Buttonball Lane from 1439 Main Street to 16 Main Street)
  • Route 160 / including Water Street, Ferry Lane, and Tryon Street (section between Water Street and Ferry Lane from 9 Tryon Street to 213 Tryon Street)
  • Route 2 & Route 3 

 All other public roads in Glastonbury are managed and maintained by Town staff.

Requesting Assistance on Town vs. State-Maintained Roads

For Town Roads...

To obtain information or request service on a Town-maintained road, please submit an online service request through our convenient portal, or call our Customer Service line at 860-652-7710.

For State Roads..

To speak with someone regarding an issue on a State-maintained road, (e.g.broken mailbox, paving or plowing concern, pothole, etc.) please contact the Connecticut Department of Transportation Maintenance Garage. To reach them directly, please call (860) 633-1159 or visit their website.