Glastonbury Health Alliance (GHA)

The Glastonbury Health Alliance - Who We Are

The Glastonbury Health Alliance (GHA) is a group of individuals representing various Town organizations who share a vested interest in the health and well-being of the community. Members of the group include representatives from several town departments including, but not limited to:

  • Health
  • Community Development
  • Police
  • Youth & Social Services
  • Town Manager's Office
  • Parks & Recreation
  • Marketing & Communications 
  • Engineering
  • Welles Turner Library

There are also members representing the Board of Education, Housing Authority, Glastonbury EMS, and other health advocates in the community.

Our Goal

The GHA was formed as part of an effort to conduct Glastonbury's first Community Health Assessment, an initiative that will help the Town better understand the current state of health in the community, as well as identify areas for potential improvement. In partnership with Harvest Development Group, the GHA recently facilitated a variety of data collection activities to gather feedback and analyze responses regarding the health and quality of life in Glastonbury.  Data collection processes included an electronic survey, key contributor interviews, and focus groups in an attempt to gather input from diverse subsets of the Glastonbury population. Information gathered throughout the process was ultimately incorporated into a comprehensive Community Health Assessment report.  This document (see below) will be a valuable resource in creating a corresponding Community Health Implementation Plan (CHIP).

Citizen Input/Electronic Survey

Focus groups and data analysis activities have been completed and information is currently being reviewed.  The electronic survey was available over the summer to citizens who work and/or live in Glastonbury. 

Community Health Assessment

As of February 2020, the Glastonbury Health Department published the 2020 Glastonbury Health Alliance Community Health Assessment report.  Community Health Assessments (CHAs) are conducted to better understand, identify, and prioritize the health needs of the community.  The information gathered helps officials and residents learn more about how our environment, our social context, and our behaviors impact our health. 

The Assessment was developed using information gathered from local, state, and national health sources, as well as a variety of our community members including representatives from government, clergy, business, healthcare, and residents, among others.  Once gathered, the findings were analyzed and presented to the Glastonbury Health Alliance, a collaborative group of individuals and organizations engaged in the provision of services that support good health in town.  Through the CHA, the Alliance identified health-related successes, priorities, challenges, and barriers for residents.  The Alliance is currently in the process of developing a Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) to address these concerns, with release of the CHIP expected later this year.  

Use and sharing of the CHA as a reference document is encouraged, and queries about the document can be directed to Wendy Mis, Director of Health  at  


Contact Us

If you'd like more information on the GHA or the Community Health Assessment process, please contact Wendy Mis, Glastonbury's Director of Health, at  Be sure to check back here, as well as the Town Facebook page, for updates on this exciting health initiative!