Health Department Fees

Food Service
       Class 1 Prepackaged Foods / Beverages only $100
       Class 2 Ready to eat food / Beverages $175
       Class 3 Fast Food (consumed within 4 hours) $275
       Class 4
          0 - 24 seats Restaurants & Mobile Vendors $300
          25 – 49 seats Restaurants $350
          50+ seats Restaurants $400
       Caterers & Wholesalers $400
       Temporary For a period of time not to exceed 14 days $60
       Seasonal (150 days) Certified farmer’s markets only $95
    Re-inspection Fee $150
    Plan Review New establishments / extensive remodeling $150
    Plan Revision Subsequent significant revisions $75
Salons and Barber Shops $100
Child Daycare Plan Review $100
Swimming Pools Beginning of the season $150
Migrant Worker Housing 4 or more workers $50
    Well Permit $150
    Geothermal Well Permit 1 permit includes all geo wells $150
    Abandonment $30
    Deepening $30
    Hydro-fracture $30
    Backwash Treatment Plan review $125
Septic Systems
    Soils Testing Per lot $200
    Additional Testing Per hour $100
    Subdivision Plan Review Per lot $150
    Reviews after first revision Per lot includes all lots proposed $75
    Single Lot/Site Plan Review $200
    Reviews after first revision $100
       New Construction Undeveloped property $225
       Repair Replace septic tank and/or leach field $175
       Minor Repair Replace piping, d-boxes, etc. $125
    B100a Reviews Alterations concerning CT PHC 19-13-B100a $50


License Late Fee:  An application received more than 5 days after the end of the licensing year will be charged an additional fee of 1/4 of the fee for the category.

Seasonal Market Vendor: A food vendor who prepares or serves foods at a Farmer's Market.  The dates of a seasonal market vendor permit shall coincide with the dates of the particular Farmer's Market for which the food vendor is applying & shall not exceed 150 consecutive days.

Applications submitted for new food service establishments after January 1st are charged 1/2 fee of Class.  Applications submitted after May 1st are charged full fee of Class, but given a license for the remainder of the fiscal year plus the entire next fiscal year.