Avian Influenza

Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI), or “bird flu”, is becoming a growing concern in CT.  While there have not been any cases detected in CT to date, poultry are more likely to be contaminated during the wild bird migration seasons (fall and spring).  To prevent the spreading of this disease, The Department of Agriculture is urging all residents to register the location of their poultry flock(s).  Registration is conveniently available on their website, www.ct.gov/doag.  Once registered, you'll receive helpful updates and information on how to reduce the risk in our community.

Please note: Contact information gathered through this registration platform will only be used for disseminating useful information.  The Dept. of Agriculture has emphasized that data collected will NOT be exploited for alternate purposes.

Reporting Dead Wild Birds (a potential sign of HPAI)

Dead wild birds, particularly in large quantities, can be indicative of HPAI outbreaks.  As such, the DEEP has created an online forum for submitting dead bird sightings.  If you see several dead birds ( >5 ) in one location, or notice several die in the same area over the course of several days, please report the situation by completing this form.  For more information or suspicious activity to be mindful of, click here to view the DEEP website.

Please note: DEEP is responsible for removing all dead birds. Local municipalities, including the Glastonbury Health Department, are not authorized to perform these activities.  Please contact DEEP directly to best expedite your request.

Protecting Your Flock

There are a few steps you can take to help protect your backyard flock:

  • Isolate your birds from visitors and other birds
  • Keep your clothing, tools, vehicles, and equipment clean to prevent the spreading of germs
  • Avoid sharing tools with others
  • Watch for signs of infection
  • Report sick birds or unusual deaths

* Source: Dr. Chrislyn Wood Nicholson, Poultry Health Specialist