Right-of-Way Permits

COVID-19 Update - Last Updated 6/29/2020

Right of Way Permits

Right of Way and Sewer Permits – As of 6/30/2020  All Permits must be applied for ONLINE through the NEW City Squared portal located at https://www.citysquared.com/#/app/map/GlastonburyTownCT.   For questions on applications requirements please contact Dawn Luke at (860) 652-7735 or dawn.luke@glastonbury-ct.gov

Technical Support for City Squared for applicants can be obtained by calling (845) 250-0531

The online payments portion of the online permitting system is not functional as of 6/29/2020.  Applicants should plan to mail a check attn: Engineering Division, Glastonbury Town Hall, 2155 Main Street PO Box 6523 Glastonbury CT, 06033-6523.  To expedite processing of permits applicants are encouraged to take a photo of their check and include it as an attachment to their permit.

Inspections for ROW and Sewer Permits - Will continue as usual. Call Engineering at 860-652-7735 to schedule your inspection.

Right-of-Way Definition

The Town right-of-way is the area of property between opposing street lines that is owned and maintained by the Town, and also includes right-of-way as shown on a map of an approved subdivision, whether or not the streets within such subdivision have yet been accepted by the Town.  The right-of-way includes both the paved portion of the street as well as area outside of the pavement as required to accommodate traffic signs, utilities, sidewalks, etc.  The width of the right-of-way varies by street, and can be determined by viewing the Assessors maps available at Town Hall or through the Town's GIS Website.

Right-of-Way Permit Requirements

A right-of-way license is required for all contractors working in the Town right-of-way, which requires a $5,000 bond and certificate of insurance.  See the "Permit Requirements" page for additional information about bond and insurance requirements.

Right-of-Way Permits are required for all construction activities performed within the Town right-of-way. These activities include driveway installation or replacement, storm drainage installations, connection of private drains to the Town drainage system, new utility connections, sprinkler systems, or any other construction activity within the limits of Town right-of-way.  Permits are required for Contractors hired by the property owner.  They are also required if the property owner is performing the work themselves.   Work performed in the Town owned right-of-way without a Permit is in violation of the Code of Ordinances.

Right-of-way permits are issued at the Engineering Division Office to Contractors with a current right-of-way license for a charge of $35.00.  Requirements for work within the Town right-of-way are described in the Town Code of Ordinances Sections 17-96 through 17-111, and as described below.  Property owners that are doing work themselves in the Town right-of-way adjacent to their property are issued permits at no charge.


Street Excavation Repairs

Pavement repairs for street excavations shall be made as shown in the Standard Details and Standard Specifications, available in the Public Improvement Standards section of the Engineering Division Website. Contractors making such repairs shall be responsible for maintenance of said pavement patches for a period of one (1) year from completion of the permanent pavement patch. Temporary pavement patches shall remain in place for a period of at least four (4) months or one winter season unless otherwise directed by the Town Engineer. ALL TEMPORARY PAVEMENT REPAIRS SHALL BE MADE WITH HOT MIX ASPHALT.  COLD PATCH WILL ONLY BE ALLOWED DURING WINTER MONTHS WHEN HOT MIX ASPHALT IS NOT AVAILABLE, AS APPROVED BY THE TOWN ENGINEER.  PAVEMENT REPAIRS SHALL BE MADE ACCORDING TO THE TOWN STANDARD DETAIL, WHICH CAN BE ACCESSED DIRECTLY HERE:  Town Standard Pavement Repair Detail.