Safe Roundabout Usage (Tips for Residents)

With roundabout construction underway on Hebron Avenue, Glastonbury’s Physical Services staff wanted to provide some educational resources to help residents feel more comfortable navigating the new road design. The Hebron Ave. / New London Tpke. roundabout is now open and operational.  Because this roadway is new to the community, we’ve outlined some essential rules of the road to help residents get accustomed to the roundabout system. These rules can be summarized as outlined below, with additional information here.  

roundabout signage 

For more information about the Hebron/New London Tpke. roundabout, click here. To view updates on the Hebron Ave. / House St. roundabout to be constructed in Spring 2018, click here.  We've also included some helpful resources and FAQs further down this page.  

Helpful Resources

There are many articles and videos available to help you feel more comfortable navigating a roundabout. We’ve compiled the following list which may be of most value to Glastonbury residents:

Responding to Resident Feedback

Since the roundabout opened to traffic, we’ve received some resident feedback that we would like to address in order to help everyone feel more at ease with safe navigation.  Please take a moment to review the information below.  Additional information can be found on the town website at, or you can contact the Physical Services Department at (860) 652-7735. 

There are so many cones and signs, it’s difficult to know where to go!

In its current state, the roundabout lanes are formed with cones and temporary signage but it’s important to remember that this is a work in progress.  Cones are currently in place to mark both the lanes and the center island of the roundabout.  Temporary signage has also been placed to help motorists and pedestrians navigate travel paths and crosswalk areas respectively.  In the coming months, these cones and temporary signs will be replaced with raised splitter islands and permanent signage to help motorists and bicyclists navigate the roundabout safely from entry to exit.  Additionally, permanent brick crosswalks with signage and intermediate islands of refuge will be constructed at each approaching street of the intersection to allow safe pedestrian passage. 

Pedestrian Safety

pedestrian crossing signWhile the roundabout is in the construction phases, temporary signage and pavement markings, have been installed to indicate where pedestrians can safely cross.  Upon completing construction, each approaching street will have a clearly marked crosswalk for safe pedestrian passage.  These crosswalks will be constructed out of contrasting brick pavers and will be further defined by appropriate signage and pavement markings. National and international experience has shown that roundabouts provide a greater degree of safety for crossing pedestrians as compared to signalized intersections.  By having a center island of refuge pedestrians only need to cross one direction of traffic at a time.

Despite the designated crosswalks and permanent signage in progress, it’s important for all drivers to remember to yield to pedestrians at all times.  Whether they’re on a standard two way street or crossing a roundabout, motorists and bicyclists should ALWAYS YIELD to pedestrians to protect their safety.

Bicyclist safety

Bicyclists should navigate the road the same way motorists do. In that same vein, motorists should also treat bicyclists the same way they would motorists.  As a bicycle-friendly community, it’s essential to share the road, and be mindful of where bicyclists are on our roadways. 

When approaching the roundabout, motorists should yield to bicyclists just as they would to other vehicles, and should wait to enter the roundabout until the bicyclist(s) has passed by.

Will a fire truck be able to get through?

Yes.  Although the roundabout appears smaller than those you may have experienced before, the Hebron Avenue roundabout is designed to accommodate commercial trucks, fire trucks, and buses.  As the construction continues and the aesthetic components of the roundabout are finalized, the room available for larger vehicles will become much more apparent. In addition to the standard vehicle pathway, a mountable brick truck apron, will also be constructed inward of the circulatory roadway.  This section provides additional space for larger vehicles to safely traverse the roundabout and also offers an aesthetically appealing look to the roundabout intersection.  Trucks are required to follow the same rules as standard vehicles. 

We hope you found this information helpful. If you have any additional questions regarding the roundabout at Hebron Avenue and New London Turnpike, please contact the Physical Services Department at (860) 652- 7735 or