Great Pond Preserve Stewardship Committee

The Great Pond Preserve is intended to be used and enjoyed by town residents and their guests for the purpose of observing natural features and wildlife with an overall goal of maintaining the Great Pond Preserve in a natural and undisturbed state. Specific standards controlling the operation of the Great Pond Preserve shall also be in accordance with the “Management Agreement for Great Pond Preserve” executed on September 3, 1991, as it may be amended from time to time, or a successor agreement between the town and TNC. Uses other than walking and related nature activities shall be considered prohibited unless approved by the stewardship committee which is empowered to allow specific uses and to promulgate rules within the Great Pond Preserve.

The “Management Agreement for Great Pond Reserve:

  • (1) Sets forth the management goal of conserving the natural and unique values and character of the preserve by protecting the rare and endangered species and by not physically disturbing the preserve’s natural settings;
  • (2) Prohibits buildings and other structures, utility lines, motorized vehicles and watercraft, dumping, camping, hunting, trapping, introducing species detrimental to wildlife or natural habitat, and the cutting or removal of vegetation within the preserve;
  • (3) Provides exemptions from the prohibitions for the purpose of carrying out the management goal; and
  • (4) Established a stewardship committee for the purpose of overseeing the management of the preserve and assisting in enforcing and carrying out the purposes of the agreement.

Meetings, Minutes, and Agendas

A meeting is held at Town Hall in the spring along with a work day at the Preserve.

View Great Pond Preservation Committee Minutes and Agendas as filed by the Town Clerk.


For further information please contact the Community Development Office.