PR & Communications

There's always something exciting happening here in Town and we want to keep you informed!  Here are the best ways to stay in the know on all things Glastonbury!


Stay up-to-date on exciting news, events, and achievements of the Glastonbury community by subscribing to the Town enotification system.  Signing up is easy!  Simply enter your name and email address and select topics you'd like to receive email updates on automatically to your inbox! Sign up for enotify here!  The best part?  You can update your subscriber preferences any time to add or remove topics that are relevant to you.


We also recommend that you follow the town Facebook page to stay up to date on all thing Glastonbury!  Some Town departments also manage their own Facebook pages for information specific to their operations. Please visit our Social Media web page to see all town Facebook pages and be sure to follow the pages of interest to keep their information in your newsfeed!

Additional Resources

The links below should help you find the meeting, document, or upcoming event of interest to you!  

If you have trouble locating what you need, please don't hesitate to contact Glastonbury's Marketing & Communications Manager, Kathryn Paquette, at