Waste Reduction & Recycling


To reduce the amount of waste generated and maximize the amount of materials recycled as practicable. 

Sampling of past Town Activities as related to Recycling Programs:

  • Recycling Basket with World DisplayedRedesigned recycling brochure and program information located on the Town website and worked with private haulers to implement single stream recycling program. More Info
  • Implemented Town-wide recycling programs for residents and businesses and received recycling rebate of $33,000 ($10 per ton) from Connecticut Resources Recovery Authority (CRRA). $
  • Hosted regional electronics recycling program with CRRA.
    45,203 pounds of electronics were recycled.
  • Implemented brush grinding recycling program at Bulky Waste facility.
  • Chip up wood waste for erosion control and resurfacing trails throughout Town parks.
  • Salvage tree lumber for sale to residents.
  • Reclaim asphalt pavement by grinding for use on various
    Town projects.
  • Crush stone and concrete construction materials at Bulky Waste for reuse on various Town projects.
  • Provide household hazardous waste collection and disposal program for residents. More Info
  • Compost for PublicEnhanced composting program, including the recycling of grass and leaves to produce screened compost products for public use.
  • Provide recycling containers for Goodwill and Salvation Army at the Town’s transfer station along with a “Put & Take” area for residents.
  • Implemented procedures for Town staff to recycle drink containers and paper products in Town facilities. 

    Town Hall Satelite Recycling Station





$ = Includes Supplemental Funding (i.e. grants, rebates, incentives, etc.)

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